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Batman's Friends

Flash saves Batman

Batman is not a one-man, crime-fighting machine. He, instead, has a supporting cast who play a significant role in his success. Some work alongside him extensively, while others only occasionally. His closest friends and allies are Robin, his loyal partner and Alfred, his trusted butler. He has also, at one time or another, worked alongside Green Arrow, Flash, Batwoman and Spiderman.

Alfred Pennyworth is Batman’s English butler. He is a father figure to Bruce, having raised him after his parent’s murders. In addition to being Batman’s butler he is also his closest friend and advisor. From time-to-time, he dons a Batman costume so that the real Batman can show up somewhere else unsuspected and undetected or in order to trick one of Batman’s unsuspecting enemies.

Batman and Catwoman

Batwoman is another one of Batman’s friends. Her character was created by Sheldon Moldoff and Bob Kane, Batman’s co-creators. Batwoman’s alter ego is Kathy Kane and later, Kate Kane. She was initially penned as Batman’s love interest after questions were raised about his sexuality in a book titled, Seduction of the Innocent.

Flash, referred to as “The Fastest Man Alive” occasionally works alongside Batman to stop or punish evildoers. Flash incredible speed is the result of an accident he was involved in at the Central City Police Department. Flash uses his speed, sometimes alongside Batman, for good, fighting crime and protecting citizens under his watch.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow and Batman were both featured in the JLA series and Brave and Bold. They also worked together in The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow’s alter ego. He is a wealthy, former politician who dresses up in garb reminiscent of Robin Hood. His specialty is archery. He has a number of really cool arrows in his arsenal, including grappling arrows, cryonic arrows, time bomb arrows, exploding arrows, tear gas arrows and even boxing glove arrows, in addition to others.

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