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Arkham City Game Cover When developer Rocksteady unleashed Batman Arkham Aysylum into the video game world, fans of the Bat and gamers alike celebrated a monumental achievement. Finally, a superhero video game that could wash away the foul taste left behind by the horrendous Superman 64 that was released in 1999 and still causes nightmares to many unsuspecting players who are misfortunate enough to have played it. Arkham Aysylum showed that superheroes belong in the video game world, just as much as they belong in the film world. It was a masterpiece in storytelling and action gameplay with the right amount of puzzle solving that made the game an instant classic, sure to be featured in any notable top game list. In their sequel, Rocksteady hopes to recapture the charm of the first game and make it even more larger than life. Do they succeed? Does the caped crusader find a way to make players visit Gotham City one more time? Stay tuned to this Bat station to find out.

Batman Arkham City takes place one year after the events in Arkham Aysylum. Bruce Wayne, Batman’s real identity, is about to give a press conference when he is arrested and thrown into the prison on trumped up charges. The prison is run by Dr. Strange, who is being manipulated by other, even more, menacing characters. The game is a third person action game, which is set in an open world environment. Batman will use his gadgets, such as the batarang and grappling hook to manipulate the world. Batman will also use his detective skills to help solve puzzles. Fans of the first game will be pleased that the Joker and his sidekick Harley Quinn return along with the voice actors who brought the characters to life. Arkham City also brings some new villains into the mix including the Penguin and Solomon Grundy. Batman receives help from his trusted confidant and butler Alfred Pennyworth and the sultry Catwoman, whom Batman saves from certain death at the hands of Two Face.

Arkham City Game Scene

The graphics of the game are stunning in its detailed environment. Each section of the game, such as the hideouts of the main villains fit perfectly with the universe that DC Comics has created. The Penguin section of the world is full of ice and snow, while the Ra's al Gul sections take place in the seedy underbelly of Gotham.

The sound of the game is just as impressive as its predecessor. The sounds of Arkham City come alive as players move around the city. Batman can get above his targets and listen in on their conversation, which makes for some wickedly stealthy gameplay action. The musical score is fantastic, also.

Deciding to swoop in on a copy of Batman Arkham City is a no brainer for Batman fans. And gamers around the world, even for those not so fond of the Bat, will find that this game has it all, from a compelling storyline, to amazing graphics and sound, this game delivers a fantastic Bat performance.

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