Infinite Crisis: Gaslight Batman - Game Preview

Infinite Crisis Game Cover A big new game is about to be launched in the coming months - and it is set to be the biggest one that online gamers will enjoy this year. Called Infinite Crisis, this free-for-all online multiplayer game will soon launch an exclusive battle arena over the world wide web. Developed by game giant Turbine in partnership with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, 2013 is about to witness the hottest game ever released.

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Infinite Crisis promises 12 interesting characters from DC Comics and the roster includes Flash, Catwoman, Batman, Joker, Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Cybrog, and Doomsday. There will be three maps to explore in this game and the two will be called Gotham Heights and Coast City. The third one will be a tri-lane map that is yet to be announced.

Six roles are available for players to choose from. They can be the enforcer, bruiser, marksman, blaster, assassin, and support. Each of these roles gives a player a certain set of skills and capabilities that are highly required to win. And just like most games, cheats will be available on Infinite Crisis as well. Players can enjoy super strength, surveillance camera, x-ray vision, super speed, trap, detonate, consume, bend space time, meteor drop, invulnerability, psychic assault, and mind link abilities for a short period of time when the corresponding game parameter is met.

Looking at Gaslight Batman

Gaslight Batman

One of the most notable characters in the Infinite Crisis game is Gaslight Batman. This champion character is very much like Batman, although he came from a point in time when the Earth was in the Age of Invention. His most prominent feature is not the black cape or the bat mask, but the very powerful streak of gas and steam light emanating from his eyes, belt, chest, and double guns.

Gaslight Batman is the same vigilante who engages in dangerous battles against notorious criminals. But in this persona, he is out to keep justice in the society with the use of his dual supersonic pistols and several rounds of high explosive shells. Gaslight Batman boasts of superior shooting abilities to defend himself and his allies from the hordes of evil men and women who were intent on bending the peace and order in the society.

Another Batman version included in this game is called Nightmare Batman. And his new face is highly different from how today’s generation of gaming enthusiasts knows him. In Infinite Crises, Batman looks and acts differently. However, he remains to be the same philanthropic millionaire who was orphaned young. See how the two versions of Batman will match up against all the other online players and their chosen characters.

Gaslight Batman is equipped with dual supersonic pistols, sonic batarangs, and sonic hook swings. These weapons are retained to guide him in his self-imposed mission to eliminate all bad guys from the face of the earth.

Nightmare Batman, on the other hand, has his own sets of skills. Nightmare Batman is very different from Gaslight Batman as he has come from the darkest age of the earth. Nightmare Batman is more of a monster than the charismatic man that Gotham City knows him to be. These two versions of Batman are the two major characters that Infinite Crisis players can look forward to and enjoy.

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