New Batman Games for 2016

Batman Dark Knight Bike Ride

That famous Batman's bike, also called bat
pod, bat cycle, or bat-blade, is the main
vehicle in this flash game. First used in
Batman movie in 1966, the Bat-pod went
through a series of modifications and
improvement to become modern vehicle-weapon
anyone would like in their possession. But
Batman certainly...

Batman Game DC Comics

When Catwoman steals a diamond Batman will go
after her, despite good relation they have.
The fact she's escaping on a bike gives her a
little advantage over Batman who's been
chasing her on foot. But don't underestimate
Dark Knight. He's got his cape and he can fly
over the...

Batman Arkham Jerk

Batman Arkham Jerk is basically a parody
cartoon movie about Batman who leaves people
behind on Arkham Island in a crises
situation. Made by one of the fans who was
particularly irritated by this specific
Batman's decision, because when he came back
for them, all of them were already dead,

Catwoman Spot The Numbers

Catwoman 'Spot The Numbers' is an easy game
featuring the best-looking superhero, in
which you have to, you guess what? Spot the
numbers! Wrong clicks only subtract from
your score, but you can't go into negative
values anyway. This is not well thought of
feature because once you reach the...

Lego Batman Movie Games

Ultimate collection of batman games specially
crafted for WB Batman Lego movie: Stop
Joker's Escape, Alfred's bat-snaps, Fruit Bat
Smoothie, Lobster Thermidor Cook-off, Lego
Batman Dolphin Rider. These simple games
usually take only a few taps or clicks to get
the job done. You can slide through the games

Batman Truck Police

Getting fixed 192 pieces of jigsaw puzzle
in 15 minutes is a challenge even for a
superhero such as Batman!

I don't know
what these guys have for breakfast! 12 pieces
jigsaw puzzle getting sorted out in only 30
seconds and you call that an 'easy mode'!?
Are you crazy? That's...

Batman Lego Alfred's Bat Snaps

Batman Lego Alfred's Bat Snaps is a quick
decision game where you take on role of
Batman's helper on a mission to take some
photos of the good guys. I don't know what
has gotten into Alfred's mind. He has asked
you to help him take some photos of...

Batman Memory

Batman Memory is a 6 levels brain teaser, a
game where you need to match up bunch of
hidden pairs of Batman related images. When
you match up a pair, the cards will simply go
away, and you do that until you clear out the
whole board. It's that simple....

Batman Drive

If you ever played any of thousands of dirt
bike games, than you probably know everything
that takes to get Batman on his bat-bike to
the finish line. These games are so similar
one to another that most likely you've
already seen all the rules and every trick
and every...

Batman Fight 2

Avoid and run is by far the best strategy to
handle Penguin's foes in Batman Fight 2.
While on his way to the Bank, Batman stumbles
upon Penguin with a bunch of not very
friendly helpers. There's a lady with a whip,
motorcyclist with a baseball bat and a

Lego DC Mighty Micros Game

It's an original Lego game made by DC Comics
following latest Mighty Micros toy series
about Batman vs Catwoman car chase. The
original toy package includes 2 minifugures,
batarangs and a batmobile, as well a vehicle
for Catwoman and a diamond shaped crystal,
the one steals from the bank. Basically...

Batman Find Differences

The Batman Differences is a classic 'find the
difference' type of game, featuring The Dark
Knight pictures. Initially, you have limited
time and the amount of mistakes, so it's more
than just clicking around randomly until you
poke the right spot.

You can turn off the
timer at any time by...

Batman Birthday Cake

Batman Birthday Cake is a girls game that
will teach you to make a Bat-cake. There are
literally thousands of ideas and recipes of
how to make and decorate Batman cake. You can
find them all over the Youtube and Pinterest,
simply because kids really adore them. This
game is...

Batman vs Superman BMX Race

So we have two DC Comics superheros on their
not so super bicycles racing outside the
town. Driving a batmobile is cool, bat-copter
is awesome, maybe some motorbike packed with
guns and all kinds of gadgets would perfectly
suit, but bicycles? That's not cool. The
point is that you can...

Batman Zombie Smasher

Basically this is one in many zombie drift
smashers where you control batmobile on a
racing track to get as many undead squashed
into the asphalt as you can.

If you look
around the batmangamesonly, and your best
option is to type in word 'zombie' into a
search box in the...

Batman Vs Superman Race

So, what do you think? Who would have won if
these two superheros had a one on one racing
challenge? Who is faster on bike - Batman or
Superman, Who is better driver between the
two most worshiped superheros? I would put my
bet on Batman as he's got all...

Batman Crazy Runner

They call them distance games or endless
running games and Batman Crazy Runner is just
one of the million. With a good engine, smart
developer could make a game like this for a
coffee break. I personally am not really a
fan of endless side scrollers, mostly because
I find...

Bat Pang Balloon Popper

This is classic arcade 'pong' game turned
into Batman balloon popping adventure. Bat
Pang is based on classic arcade 'pang' game
where you shoot balls bouncing off the
screen. When the ball gets shot it splits in
two smaller equal parts, so you need to keep
shooting until the ball...

Batman Gravity Adventure

Batman Gravity Adventure is a physics-based
little game where you need to find a clever
way to make the gravity force work for you.
In this game we see Caped Crusader searching
for an exit out of the series of maze like
rooms equipped with deadly sharp spikes
coming out...

Batman Video Game

This coin eater throws you in a battle
between Batman and some bad guys doing there
who knows what beside trying to kill

Back in the 80s and during the 90s
there was a war going on between two major
console gaming platforms: Sega vs Nintendo.
While the majority of...

Marvel vs DC

It's, you know, one of those games when
Wonder Woman beats the hell out of you so you
kiss the floor before you know it. DC vs
Marvel is basically a fighting game which
consts of consecutive rounds of one-on-one
fights. It's a battle arena where only one
man (or...

Revenge Of The Joker

This is all in one page about Revenge Of The
Joker, the generic side-scroll platform
shoot-em up game for Sega Genesis. This is an
old Batman arcade, with a full review of it,
plus you get to actually play it on PC, with
a little help of a Flash emulator....

Danger In The Secret Passage

Who is this Plastic Man, does he really exist
and what does he have to do with the Batman?
Yes he does. He's one of the DC Comics
superheros, originally belonging to Quality
Comics (which was acquired by DC). Is this
elastic guy with a mask somehow related to

Monster Bat Truck Superhero

If riding on the rooftops and doings crazy
stunts in an over-sized tires monster Batman
truck sounds cool to you, than here's the
game. Not only you can choose to play as
Batman, but if you feel that maybe Hulk's
ride or Superman monster truck suits you
better, you're on....

Hidden Spots Game

This is sort of a puzzle game where you are
searching for certain image parts displayed
at the top part of the screen. There's an
image of Batman and Superman from the
upcoming movie that should be released in
2016 and your job is to find all of the

Batman Run 2

Normally, changing lanes too quickly is
dangerous in traffic and I wouldn't recommend
you to do this, but desperate times call for
desperate measures. Upon receiving a
bat-signal, Batman is driving across the sea
bridge heading to town to get there quickly
as possible. Hundreds of other cars on the


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