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Batman Night Escape

This is a platform Batman game with lots of
climbing, jumping and collecting actions.
Before you escape each level you have to
collect all batarangs you can find. Once you
did that you can proceed to the exit and
advance further. Batman night escape is fun
and easy to play...

Bat Attack TV Land

We found this game by accident because it is
so old that everybody has already completely
forgot about it. This game was a part of a
promotional campaign from 2002, made for TV
Land in cooperation with Super-Fi game design
studio. At that time this game was described
as phenomenal,...

Bat In Nightmare

Help the little bat escape from the hell
room, avoiding ghosts, fireballs and
dangerously moving axes. You got 8 lives at
start, but soon you'll realize that's just
not enough to get through to the exit. This
is not quite about Batman, but since it's
about bats we find this...

Winter Bike

Do you think it is easy to ride a motorbike
on the days of a bad snowfall? Even batman
has some difficulties to keep balance on an
ice terrain. He's driving one of those dual
sport bike models and he put bike tire chains
for mountain. Controls are basic: use...

Dark Knight Bedroom

In this game you'll get a chance to sneak
into the Batman's bedroom. Your task is to
find all of the hidden objects in the room.
There are 3 levels and the time is limited .
Use mouse to play and left click to spot the
hidden object. You will...

Terror Of The Time Traps

Terror Of The Time Traps is an adventure
batman game coming from Cartoon Network's
Brave and the Bold game series. The storyline
goes like this: An unseen menace has
inprisoned Batman, as well as some of the
best superheros. In an unlimited timeless and
spaceless void, your task is to...

Batman save underwater

One unusual Batman game which takes place
under water. In Batman save underwater you
are hero in a submarine vehicle and you move
under water. You must make sure you do not
hit the bottom or the top of the screen
because there are sharp rocks which will sink

Who is the Villain

Three very bad characters have escaped the
Arkham Asylum and now they plot on how to
bring Gotham down on its knees. Now it is up
to you to determine who are those villains.
You will play several stages as different
people, but only when you reach the end of

Streets of Justice

Joker got away from Arkham Asylum and he is
now on the loose! Jump in your Batmobile and
try to catch him on the streets of Gotham
City. Use arrow keys to navigate the streets
and spacebar to jump when necessary. You also
have some weapons, A is for heat...

Batman Bike

Batman took his city bike and went for some
off road adrenalin fun. Collect batarangs and
make it to the other side of this rough
terrain track. Some jumps and stunts are
inevitable, but do them carefully because it
is so easy to tip and crash!

Batman Sniper

Batman sniper is a extremly simple aim and
shoot sniper game. You hold a sniper gun,
trying to hit as many batman signs as
possibles. Those signs are scattered all over
the Gotham City and they are usually well
hidden. First you need to find one, and than
you need...

Countdown To Conflict

Countdown to Conflict is MegaDev game which
entered the phase 2 of Brave and the Bold
casting of top 10 batman games. Gotham City
rush had won the competition but this game is
definitely worth playing. The game is started
and played only by keyboard, mouse simply
vanishes, which might...

Batman Loves Basketball

Batman loves sports and especially he likes
to play basketball. He exercises a lot to
gain power and to build up great muscle
strength. This time he's on the basketball
court, and although most games require at
least one on one or 2 teams, he's doing well
all by himself....

Return to Arkham

Batman is after Joker. He ran away and now
Batman has to arrange his Return to Arkham.
There is a maze of corridors in front of you
and lots of bombs in them. You have to push
them out of the way and clear level after
level until you catch...

Arkham Asylum

You are a villain Joker and you ended up in
the infamous Arkham Asylum once more. Now you
have to escape like every time before. This
time you will be escaping through the
underground and you will dig yourself out of
the asylum. Advance trough levels until you
are out....

Batman Save Gotham

Batman is once again defending the Gotham
from Joker! Batman can save Gotham with your
help. This time Joker has an evil plan to
shoot Batman dead. Don't let that happen. You
have a crossbow and enough ammunition to
defeat the villain. He will appear and
disappear from various sites...

Batarang Challenge

Batarang Challenge is a simple point and
shoot game. You are a Batman, holding your
batarang, taking aim to shoot down the
villains. There are good guys and bad guys
popping up from behind the Gotham City
buildings. Since everything proceeds very
fast, you might hit the good guy which...

Batman Truck 2

Batman is back in his awesome monster truck!
He is back and on his way to help people of
the city once again. But before he gets to
his destination he must go across some rough
terrains and collect many bat points before
he finishes on the other side. But,...

Batman Truck 3

Batman is back with his truck for the 3rd
time. Every time more exciting and
interesting. Now, you start with one monster
truck but if you are skilled enough and you
get to the level 3 you can unlock space truck
vehicle. At level 5 you get bat bike and

The Scarecrow Revenge

Scarecrow has broken into Gotham labs and has
taken some toxic chemicals. Batman is the
only one who can even think to stop him
before he does some serious damage to the
city and the people. But, before Batman is to
face the Scarecrow he should have some
training in...

Batman Discover The Mars

The goal of this Batman game is to stop the
meteors from hitting the ground. You have
certain amount of energy and you have to use
it wisely. Now everything is in your hands.
Meteors are falling and you have to navigate
your ship to hit them and destroy them...

Batman The Knight Rider

In this Batman the dark knight game you ride
your Batman bike through the streets of
Gotham and perform stunts and loops. You
collect as much bats along your way so you
can buy a better bike. There are four bikes
to choose from and you start with the one

Batman Soccer

Batman is playing football now! Try to score
the goal and avoid all opponent players on
your way there. Collect powers given along
the way. There are different powers on
different levels. As you advance the powers
get better. Use arrow keys to navigate the
field. Have a good match!

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