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To combat both crime and his enemies, Batman relies on natural ability, intelligence and athleticism, but no superpowers. He is one of the few superheroes without the latter. Instead, Batman utilizes his superior detective skills, intellect, technological adeptness, wealth, martial arts ability and will.

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Batman has become one of the world's most popular superheroes. Motivated by the tragic death of his parents, he became the keeper of the fictional Gotham City, fighting crime and evil villains, bent on his destruction. Though Batman is certainly capable on his own, he has a good, supporting cast, chief among them Robin. The duo has starred in cartoons, television programs and movies. Read here more about Batman & Robin.

Since being introduced to the world in 1939, Batman has evolved, however, always keeping his core values, focus and abilities. Perhaps at a disadvantage because he doesn't have superpowers, he has managed to use what he does have to fight crime and defeat his enemies. His supporting team plays a huge role in his success and is always a major part of any comic book, movie or television program starring him.

The Batman character was invented by two gentlemen, Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The character's development was reportedly driven by Bruce Wayne's childhood, with the murder of his parents, influencing the character's outlook on life, his abilities and his approach to fighting crime. Batman is a bit of a vigilante. He is willing to skirt or even break the law if it means successfully fighting crime. Witnessing his parent's murder has given him an intense hatred for evil and evil-doers. He is thus willing to do whatever it takes to do away with both.

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Batman is not a classical superhero, like Superman, since he uses gadgets to compenstae the lack of true superpowers. Below you can play a Discover Mars in which Batman shows the true nature of his so called 'superpowers'.

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