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What To Expect From The Upcoming Lego: The Piece of Resistance

Given all the attention that some of the more famous toy brands have received from Hollywood recently, you would think that LEGO would get some notice of its own. After all, LEGO is one of the most popular toys around, a status it has enjoyed for many generations. With the upcoming release of LEGO: The Piece of Resistance, this oversight is about to be rectified, and LEGO will finally make its big screen debut.

Last Updated ( Sunday, January 13 2013 17:27 )
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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Game Preview

Injuistice Game Cover If you are a fan of the comic characters from the DC Comics Universe and a console gamer at the same time, then it’s time for you to get excited! DC Comics and the game development studios that stand behind the vastly popular Mortal Kombat series have come together once again to develop another hugely ambitious fighting game – the Injustice: Gods Among Us. Players of the game can look forward to gain control over more than 20 iconic characters from the DC Universe to experience epic battles between the good and bad, justice and injustice. Besides the brand new fighting mode, the game is also going to feature an original storyline, during which some of the superheroes and super-villains are going to measure their strengths against each other in epic fights to death.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, October 15 2014 17:02 )
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Infinite Crisis: Gaslight Batman - Game Preview

Infinite Crisis Game Cover A big new game is about to be launched in the coming months - and it is set to be the biggest one that online gamers will enjoy this year. Called Infinite Crisis, this free-for-all online multiplayer game will soon launch an exclusive battle arena over the world wide web. Developed by game giant Turbine in partnership with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, 2013 is about to witness the hottest game ever released.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:37 )
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Nightmare Batman and the All-New Infinite Crisis Game

Batman Nightame image There is a major game that avid online players can look forward to this year. The game is called Infinite Crisis and it is ready to take on the gaming industry by storm. It will make a huge battle arena for all the players who are eagerly waiting for its release. Ready to be launched this 2013, this game promises of at least 12 characters taken from the most popular comic book publication, DC Comics.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:06 )
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Top Batman Games for Consoles

Arkham Asylum Cover We know if you are anything like us, you have Bat fever, too. So, we have found the cure for what ails you with three incredible Batman games for the console powerhouses that we have all come to love. Get your bat on and join us as we explore these great games that feature our favorite caped crusader of vigilante justice.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:18 )
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Batman Arkham City Review for Home Consoles

Arkham City Game Cover When developer Rocksteady unleashed Batman Arkham Aysylum into the video game world, fans of the Bat and gamers alike celebrated a monumental achievement. Finally, a superhero video game that could wash away the foul taste left behind by the horrendous Superman 64 that was released in 1999 and still causes nightmares to many unsuspecting players who are misfortunate enough to have played it. Arkham Aysylum showed that superheroes belong in the video game world, just as much as they belong in the film world. It was a masterpiece in storytelling and action gameplay with the right amount of puzzle solving that made the game an instant classic, sure to be featured in any notable top game list. In their sequel, Rocksteady hopes to recapture the charm of the first game and make it even more larger than life. Do they succeed? Does the caped crusader find a way to make players visit Gotham City one more time? Stay tuned to this Bat station to find out.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:22 )
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Ben Affleck as Batman

Recently it has come out that Ben Affleck is in talks to play as Batman in the upcoming Batman and Superman flick. There are many critics out there weighing in on this topic, with bloated opinions coming from every nook and cranny of the internet. “Ben Afleck is the right choice. Ben Afleck is the wrong choice.” Boycotts have begun and petitions are already gathering signatures for both sides.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:23 )
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Revenge Of Gorilla Grodd Game Review

Batman vs Gorilla Grodd image

One of the quirkiest of Batman's villains is Gorilla Grodd. Created by writer John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino. His first appearance was in The Flash # 106 issue in May 1959. He has Super strength with psionic powers and super intellect and other abilities.
Last Updated ( Saturday, April 13 2013 11:01 )
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