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One of the quirkiest of Batman's villains is Gorilla Grodd. Created by writer John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino. His first appearance was in The Flash # 106 issue in May 1959. He has Super strength with psionic powers and super intellect and other abilities. He got his powers from an alien who kidnapped a bunch of gorillas from Africa and then enhanced them with super intelligence and other powers. Grodd turned on the alien and became a super villain mainly giving The Flash a hard way to go over the years. In this incarnation of the hairy heavyweight, Grodd takes on the Batman in his Batmobile in a fun and simple Flash game anyone can enjoy.

The game is a one point perspective chase and avoid obstacles game as the Batmobile follows Gorilla Grods mobile on a four lane highway through the streets of Gotham City. As the Batmobile maneuvers left and right, it avoids the obstacles tossed at it by Gorilla Grodd. Grodd tosses dynamite, rubbish, and other objects that fall into one lane. The Batmobile has to switch lanes to avoid the obstacles. Now in addition, the Batman's faithful sidekicks Robin and Nightwing show up to drop him goodies like extra energy and gas. Barells of Peril image You have to maneuver the Batmobile to snag up these goodies and avoid Gorilla Grodd's attacks. All in all this game is simple but it's very fun. Just because it doesn't complicate matters much and all you need to do is handle your hand/eye coordination. It's a giggle of a game overall and the only drawback is the music. It doesn't have that Batman feel to it. Maybe if the company had the 1960s theme music or some music from the Batman films it would feel much more Batman like. The Batmobile is easy to handle too. It's not like those games where they rig things to make it difficult and annoying to operate a character or a vehicle. These programmers get it right and it makes it fun to take on Gorilla Grodd.

No bugs seen in the game and you can level up easily but don't let that fool you into a false sense of security as the game's difficulty levels advance just as fast. You'll have fun playing this game and it's simple design and layout and gameplay makes it a nifty diversion when one just has to have a Batman game to play.

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