Batman Games of 2014

Batman Mega Dressup

Have you ever seen Batman move into action
without his bat-suit, his mask or utility
belt which has all those cool gadgets? Of
course not. And that is because every time,
before he leaves his secret Bat-cave, Batman
goes through some thorough preparations. He
goes into one special room where...

Batman Boxing Match

Finally a sport game that will warm you up a
little bit. There's nothing better than a
good old 'mano-a-mano' sport boxing. In this
game you compete against the Dark Knight
himself. You might say that the match is fair
since he's not armed or using any of his

Batman Sahara

Batman Sahara was made for those who like a
bit firmer sound and more powerful bikes.
Riding through the desert on the motorcycle
is a singular and unforgettable experience.
High temperatures, desert wind and steep
desert dunes are the obstacles which only the
most skilled can overcome - like Batman...

Batman Dentist

Batman Dentist is a game with an objective to
relieve some of the fear from dentists -
based on principle, if Batman can do it, so
can you! It's not odd at all, or even unusual
to see the Batman character tied to a
dentistry. Kids like Batman, but don't...

Batman Dirty Race

Does 'Batman rushes through the streets of
Gotham while being chased by bad guys' sound
familiar? It probably is, as we've already
had bunch of similar 'chase & race' games
with Batman behind the wheel of his precious
hi-tech super-speed batmobile. This game does
look very familiar, as it likely...

Batman Dark Jump

Batman finds himself in another extreme
adventure episode, to fight off Penguin and
his helpers. In this arcade-like platformer
you'll get a chance to put Batman to the
ultimate test, but without using any of his
advanced tech gadgets. See how well the Dark
Knight can cope with endless waves...

Batman Road

Batmobile from 'Batman Road' is almost
identical to the vehicle we could see in
Unity based game 'Streets of Gotham'. Driving
along the wide highway through Gotham City,
fast lane changing and avoiding dangers on
the road - are also nothing new. In 'Batman
Wanted' batmobile changes lanes swiftly to

Batmobile In Epic Battle

In Superhero Epic Battle you get the unique
opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the
Batsman's favorite toy - his batmobile. This
game brings even more. If you prefer Green
Lantern's vehicle, or maybe want to check out
Superman's super speedy racing car, they are
all here - just...

Fatman Batman

Fatman is a little fatty dressed in Batman
suit who is trying to parry this famous
superhero and thus add his personal touch in
saving the world. He had found a real bomb
somewhere, and now he is running around
searching for a raining cloud, to
'extinguish' or deactivate the...

Batman Saw Escape Game

While he was resting and drinking tea in the
company of his butler, Batman noticed a help
sign in the sky and now he is rushing to his
hideout. There he finds out that evil Pigsaw
took Batgirl and he is asking Batman to find
her. Pigsaw is well known...

Gauntlet Of Doom 5 Rats

You have reached the last chapter of 5
episode long saga about Batman and Superman
adventures. In this Gauntlet you will be
facing supersized radioactive rats. The scene
is set up as usual in one of the virtual
rooms with digitally synthesized but still
deadly enemies. Unlike in previous chapters,

Gauntlet Of Doom 4 Robots

Ganutlet Of Dooom - Robots, is a new, 4th
episode(out of 5) about superheroes Batman
and Superman in super adventure, fighting
side by side. In previous episodes our
crusaders have finally met their kidnappers
and become aware of their intentions. They
are two teenage aliens who did all this just

Batman Kissing

Batman Kissing is ultra simple and short
kissing game involving Batman. It is perhaps
too simple to find its place in our collection. However,
because of some interesting details hiding in
the background of this game, I have decided
to add it. In short, we will get to know

Gauntlet Of Doom 3 Zombies

After battling the creatures from the
radioactive swamp, our superheroes, Batman
and Superman encounter their kidnappers once
again. Now, it is completely obvious that
they are not on Earth anymore and that they
are held captive inside the spaceship. Two
green alien creatures (Jack and Diane) who
keep them there...

Lego Batman's First Try

Batman's First Try is game made as part of a
promotional Warner Bros Pictures campaign for
2014. "The Lego Movie". In this game we have
Batman throwing batarangs at red buttons,
which appear randomly from their slots.
Occasionally other lego characters jump out
as a distraction to Batman while he...

Batman In Radioactive Swamp

Second episode Gauntlet Of Doom, Batman and
Superman world's finest adventures continues
in the radioactive swamp. After they have
escaped Mysterious Chambers they are finally
going to find out who was behind everything.
Their kidnappers are Jack and Diane. We don't
know where they came from, but judging by the

Bartman Zombie Terminator

Bartman Zombie Terminator is game about
Bartman, masked superhero from Springfield
who is fighting against zombies. Bart is the
star from The Simpsons TV show, and this is
his alter-ego inspired by Batman. Bartman
rides a motorbike armed with some heavy
weaponry, something like batcycle. He needs
to keep his...

Mysterious Chambers

Mysterious Chambers is the first in a row of
flash gaming series 'Gauntlet Of Doom' about
Batman's and Superman's joint adventures.
Until 2014. the total of 5 episodes were
made. Here our heroes bravely engage in
adventures where they come across
unbelievable creatures, giant insects, rats
and hostile robots. At...

Superhero Truck Race

Batman could really use some healthy
competition from the superhero world, and
Super Hero Truck Race brings perhaps the two
of the biggest: Mario and Ben 10. They race
monster trucks and each truck is specially
made for the superhero who is driving it.
Batman got dangerous black truck with...

Lego Batman Two-Face Racing

In this game Batman chases in his batmobile
one of the most vicious villains Gotham City
has ever faced with - Two Face. We don't get
to find out the exact reason for the race,
but Batman is right after trying to catch up
with the Two Face's truck. Unfortunately,...

Batman Madness

The chase down the packed Gotham City highway
with the goal to push out and destroy marked
vehicle is close to madness. Batman is
nowhere to be seen, but we know he is behind
the wheel of the batmobile. His mission is to
catch up and destroy 4 enemy vehicles...

Batman Fighter

In 'Batman Fighter' game we see Batman street
fighting in some kind of an improvized arena,
in a close hand-to-hand combat with Araboy,
Chyi, Boss Thug and other foes. Little fat
guy, dressed in a green costume, has been
controlled by computer, while you control the
Batman. Don't get deceived...

Batman Gotham Race

At one time I have played a game where Joker
rides a motorbike, but it turned out that it
wasn't really Joker, the Batman's greatest
nemesis, but rather simple clown who was
doing tricks and air stunts under the circus
tent. I simply can't remember weather in any
of Batman's...

Batman Hunt The Penguin

Penguin had messed up something really big
this time since Batman usually lets him slide
for some smaller offences, but not this time.
'Hunt the Penguin' is shooting dirt bike game
where you help Batman cope with ground
obstacles and aerial helicopter attacks. In
the end you help him capture...

Batman The Tumbler Ride

Dark Knight is very well known by the
impressive collection of custom made vehicles
he keeps in his secret underground garage, or
shall we say - cave. There is a little bit of
everything there: batboat, batcopter,
batmobile, batcycle, batplane. The level of
equipment on these vehicles is something the

Batman Extreme Adventure 3

The plot goes like this: Batman runs on the
rooftops of the buildings while his enemies
Penguin and some guy in a green approach.
They do not use any kind od firearms neither
they are particularly aggressive, but if you
just touch one of these guys - you're dead.

Batman Shooter Hero

Batman is a superhero but in this game you
won't be seeing any of his heroic deeds. It
is time to take a break from fighting
criminals and Batman uses that time for an
active holiday through training. He goes to
the woods, far away from the public eye to

Gotham Streets

This is a futuristic batman driving and
shooting game where you drive the Batmobile
through the Gotham City and shoot at the
criminals as they approach in their cars.
Driving controls are standard - arrow keys on
the keyboard. 'Z' key is used to shoot out
bullets from the front...



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