The Cobblebot Caper Game Review

Batman in Cobblebot Caper Game

The Cobblebot Caper In this game, players (in the role of Batman), do battle with various thugs (the Penguin's gang) who break into the Gotham bank. Batman seeks to protect it. He can throw punches, glide, jump and throw batarangs at the bad guys. The fight against the robbers is timed. Players have to defend the bank in the allotted amount of time.

While the Penguin's gang is attacking the Gotham bank, the city's labs have also been broken into and Victor Lafleuris, the lab's mechanical engineer, has been taken hostage. Batman has to find Lafleuris, save him and get him out of the lab before it blows up. In order to get past the Penguin and his band of bad men, Batman has to defeat them. Batman moves to various levels in the game, via elevators.

Cobblebot Caper Game Level 1

The Cobblebot Caper has gotten positive reviews from players. It's a lot of fun, has a lot going on and has nice looking graphics.

How to Play In Cobblebot Caper, Batman takes on the Penguin. He must climb atop rooftops and use the famous batglider to catch the Penguin as he takes to the sky to get away. You will control Batman and all of his actions using four keys, the left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and down arrow. The left and right arrows will move Batman left and right respectively. The up arrow will allow him to pick up speed when climbing, while the down arrow will increase the speed in which he is able to glide.

In order to stay safe, Batman will need to avoid bombs being thrown out of the building's widows, courtesy of Penguin Kabuki's thugs. Every time Batman is able to steer clear and avoid the bombs, he will be awarded 75 points. Players will also quality for Time bonus and additional bonus points.

In addition to Penguin's Kabuki's gang, Batman will also need to watch out for balconies, fire escapes, electrical hazards and other obstacles. When a player is unable to do so, Batman's jet pack and glider will lose power, until eventually, all of his power is dissipated.In Cobblebot Caper, players will be able to choose what level they'd like to compete at. There are three levels in all, Easy, Medium and Hard.

In Summary
Both Batman Dangerous Buildings and The Cobblebot Caper are great, online games which feature Batman as the central character. They are both enjoyable games, easy to play and really exciting. The games have quality graphics, cool missions and can be learned really quickly. Individuals that enjoy online Batman games should definitely give these two games a chance. They are likely to become one of their favorites. Give Cobblebo Caper a try. It's a lot of fun. The sound and graphics are good and the ability to choose which level a person would like to play, gives individuals the opportunity to choose the one that is most appropriate for their particular skill set.

Both games can be played for free online, as much and as often as a person would like. For more information regarding the rules of each game and which keys should be used to control the different functions, players should refer to the website that is hosting the game. All of this information will be provided there. Good luck and happy gaming!

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