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The Joker is perhaps Batman's most vicious and hated enemy, the Batman’s arch nemesis. He is a psychopathic criminal who wears clown-like makeup. He stands for everything that Batman does not. Joker has dealt Batman some incredibly harsh blows. He was responsible for the paralysis of Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd's death. Todd played Robin before being killed off by the Joker. Read more about all batman-enemies...
Bellow you will find Batman games selection which are related to Joker.

The Jokers Escape

In Joker Escape, your goal is to get to the Joker by jumping on a variety of objects, including Punch and Judi. Make sure you get to him in time, as missing the platform will make your prey fall into a garbage can! By the way, Punch and Judi are not very bright Joker's henchmen from the Gotham's underworld.

Arkham Asylum

In Arkham Asylum Break Out, you will be on the Joker's side and help him escape from the legendary psychiatric hospital. Along the way, you will meet a host of familiar characters including Bane, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and the Riddler.

Batman Hits Joker

Batman Hits Joker has you controlling the action from a punching machine. Hit the Joker, and you get the game’s maximum 30 points per punch.

Joker Skycreeper

Can you catch the Joker? Batman Joker Skyscreeper puts you right in the heart of the action atop towering skyscrapers. Get to the top, and you may just be able to get the best of the Joker!

Save The Batcave

Batman left his Batcave for a moment and Joker took advantage of his absence and placed a number of bombs into his hideout. When Batman returned he realized that something had happened and started to look for the bombs. You drive the Batmobile through the Batcave using arrow keys and your task is to deactivate all bombs you come across.

With his shockingly green hair and ghastly white face, the Joker definitely has a face you won't forget. Add to that the maddening leer, the spine-tingling laugh, and the diabolically brilliant mind, and you have the makings of a super-villain that even the caped crusader has trouble dealing with. For the joker is no ordinary super-villain. He is in fact, Batman's arch nemesis, and he often gets the better of even our masked hero.

The most noticeable characteristic of the Joker is, of course, his bizarre appearance, which is the result of falling into a tank of chemical waste. While the accident would have killed most ordinary men, it did little other than to alter his appearance horribly and permanently, with his skin turning a sick shade of white and his hair turning shocking green. The tragedy also served to throw the Joker headlong into a life of fierce battle with the Batman, in which he often employs his sadistically twisted brand of humor.

The Joker’s most powerful weapon is undoubtedly his mind. Often depicted as brilliant and thoroughly knowledgeable in chemistry and engineering, he uses his formidable skills and knowledge in trying to defeat Batman. To this end, he employs a never-ending array of deviously comical weapons and tools including bladed playing cards, acid-squirting flowers, cyanide pies, and exploding cigars that really pack a bang.

It is a good thing–well for the Joker, at least–that he has all these weapons at his disposal since his fighting skills are marginal at best. Although commonly depicted as being agile, he is also just as often shown to be knocked out by a single punch. In the rare instances when he is able to get the better of Batman, the Joker commonly employs distracting tactics and sucker punches.

The synergy between the Joker and Batman is often said to be the perfect illustration of the classic hero-adversary struggle. You can hardly think of one without thinking of the other, and this bond has given rise to numerous TV and movie plots, comic book depictions, and of course, video games. Some of the most popular games in the franchise deal with the two’s classic rivalry and the results can be very entertaining indeed.

Revenge Of The Joker

This is one of the SEGA games made available now for PC over SEGA emualtor. This game more than any other depicts Joker as the Batman's most vicious and definitely, as number 1 villain on Dark Knights' 'must capture' list. The game revives the spirit of the 90s with 8 bit graphic and 8 bit sounds.

Batman Run

The Joker, Bane, Scarecrow, Green Lantern, these guys will just keep coming and coming on to you. Batman is in an endless runner game, breaking through the waves of villains, taking care of them, one by one. The longer you last, the better. The crew has been lead by the Joker as the arch-villain. He's the master mind as always.

Batman Gotham Race

Took me three attempts to finally get first through the finish line. The Joker is really good motorbike driver, really good. To win, you must try to keep your vehiecle in parallel with the ground all the time.

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