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Batman Vs Joker Memory Balls

We don't call Batman The Great Detective for
nothing. One of the things beside his
physical shape that he needs to work on
constantly is his mental sharpness. This
simple game is very good for training your
memory skills or you can simply test and
compare your skills with your...

Batman Spot the Difference

Here is a treat for Bat fans. How fast can
you solve this puzzle and find all the
differences between two pictures. Sharp eye
and good knowing of Batman and his
surroundings are of utmost importance. Make
sure you find all the differences so you
could advance to the next...

Spin n Set Batman Brave

Spin those tiles until you set them into the
right position and then do it with all others
until you get the full picture. This puzzle
looks easy but there will be times when you
would think the game is over and you did
everything right but you are not...

Batman Dress Up

So many outfits to choose from. Make your own
and unique batman personality. Combine and
recombine pieces of clothes to achieve the
best combination. You can even change his car
to go with the outfit! Finally, you can take
a result snapshot and print image.

Batman Costume

What do you think, what is the Batman's best
suite? The one in Batman Returns, or Batman
Fever? Maybe the suite he used in Batman
Begins or The Dark Knight? If you're not sure
you can customize and build your own Batman's
costume in this cool dress-up game, simply by

Batman and Robin puzzle

An interesting cartoon puzzle of Batman and
his loyal sidekick Robin. Here you can choose
how many pieces your puzzle will have.
Depending on your mood you can enjoy solving
very simple one, or take on a bigger
challenge and solve the one containing 99
pieces. Enjoy!

Batman And Batwoman Jigsaw

Batman and Batwoman is a jigsaw puzzle which
depicts a large image of Batman with his fist
thrown out and a small image of Batwoman
watching him from the lower left corner. The
puzzle comes with 4 different modes, ranging
from baby-easy, over not-so-bad 'medium' to
extremely 'hard' and 'are...

Batman Patch The Pixels

Patch the Pixels is quite unusual puzzle
where only certain elements are missing from
the Bataman's images. Your job is to find the
missing parts and figure out where each one
exactly fits in.

For instance, some of
the missing tiles are Batman's mask, a piece
of crusader's cape, Robin's...

Batman Coloring

Color your friend Batman in all kinds of
color. Make him authentic or totally
different than he really is. Many colors to
choose from. Have fun and enjoy!

Batman Click Alike

Click Alike is a simpler version of the sort
my tiles type of games. What you have in this
game is an image of Batman, sliced into 10
equal pieces, which are than duplicated and
all mixed up to be placed on the board. Your
task is to spot two...

Hidden Numbers Batman 3

Find all the Hidden Numbers in these cool
Batman 3 pictures. This is another point and
click hidden object game. Check out your
observation skills and find all hidden
numbers. Pictures are so cool that you might
spend some time first just looking at them.
As you discover the numbers...

Spot the Difference

Spot the difference on these Batman pictures.
But this time it is a little bit more than
that. The pictures are the same but the other
one is a mirror image of the original and
that makes it that much harder to spot the
differences between the two. But don't...

Batman Grendel Jigsaw

Puzzle featuring Batman and his opponent
Grendel facing each other. Grendel is just
one of many adversaries bat man had over the
years, and proved to be the worthy one.
Medium difficulty puzzle. Can you solve it!?

Batman Paint

Do some painting with Batman, Green Lantern
and Blue Beetle. You can use any color
palette you want. Batman doesn't have to be
black and blue, let your imagination run
wild. Try and see how will Green Lantern look
in some other color shading. Or blue Beetle
in green or...

My Batman

You and your kid will enjoy coloring the
blank image of Batman while listening to the
recognizable tune from the Old Batman TV
Show. Some might say this game sucks, others
might add it's a lame, or for babies. Well,
to be honest, you should not expect too much.

Batman Jigsaw

Batman Jigsaw is a classic batman puzzle
game. Game task is to complete the image by
dragging puzzle pieces around the board into
their right spots. Use mouse wheel or space
bar to rotate. There are three levels of
difficulty: easy (4 pieces), medium (16
pieces) and hard (64 pieces)....

I love Batman Puzzle

If you are a Bat man fan then this jigsaw
puzzle is just right for you. Batman standing
in the night overlooking the Gotham city. You
can choose it to be easy or hard or even
timed if you like. Have fun!

Batman Memory Game

Play some memory game with your friend
Batman. You have to match the pattern shown
in your left bottom corner to the main board.
Try to remember where batman pictures are and
how they are placed. Then click on those
positions on the main board. If you let the

Batman Sliding Puzzle

Make picture from mixed up tiles on the
board. This Batman sliding puzzle gives you
the opportunity to practice in first couple
of levels ans there are only 4 tiles to slide
around. But once you get the feel of the game
it gets harder with more tiles to move...

Batman Online Coloring Game

More than just coloring game. You have six
pictures and every one is different. You can
paint then all at once or just one. This
coloring game you can play many times and it
will still be interesting. Many many colors
and combinations for you to paint again and

Monster Truck Batman

Batman monster truck puzzle game for all
those who like a challenge! There are three
modes to play, easy, medium and hard puzzle.
You can play with or without the picture in
the background depending on how skillful you
are. Have fun playing! Is this game too
static for you? Than try...

Batman Dark Knight Jigsaw

A picture from the Batman Dark Knight movie!
One of the best movies made about batman.
Shows Joker with his famous card in his hand.
This is a medium sized not too hard bat man

Batman Puzzle

Four different Batman puzzles in one. Medium
difficulty. Choose between four pictures and
complete the puzzle. When complete, a jigsaw
puzzle produces a complete picture. Give it
your best shot!

Matching Hero

Match up three or more heroes together and
win points. When you reach the targeted
number of points you advance to the next
level. First there will be only three or four
heroes to match but as you move forward their
number will rise. you start with Batman,
Spiderman, Hulk......

Batman Forever Jigsaw

Batman jigsaw game with 20 perfect batman
themes. Use mouse to move and mouse click to
rotate pieces. Time limited to less than 2
mins, so be quick.

Customize My Batman

Customize My Batman is a dressup flash game
which lets you play around with Dark Knight's
outfit. It's nothing revolutionary new or
anything we haven't seen so far, at least not
in our 'dressup coloring and puzzle'

While Batman's youngish
look from the poster is not exactly
reassuring that we...

Batman vs Dracula

This is Batman vs Dracula sort my tiles game.
Only this time you can switch between any two
tiles and not only those which are directly
connected. Use your mouse and click on any
two tiles you want to switch places. Do it as
long as you have to until...

Color pictures of batman, his friends, and enemies he faces. Enjoy coloring the cute picture of Batman. Use the paintbrush to pick up colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best. Have fun playing Batman coloring games with us at Batman Coloring Dressup Puzzle Games.
Play nice batman dressup games with us. Dress up batman and his friend Robin with the costumes you think fits him the most. Change the background, weapons, batmobile color. Try out each and every combination.

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