Batman Online Games for 2015

Batman Simple Arcade Shooter

Classic plain shooter game with Batman
kicking some bad guy's assess The gameplay
really sucks as all you do is dodging bullets
and shooting bad guys and nothing else.
There's a bat sign in the top left corner
which tracks down your overall health. It
declines slowly with every...

Batman Joker Card

You play the role of a mysterious Batman's
friend who unwillingly brought him right into
the Joker's trap. The Joker released some
unknown nerve gas, getting Batman passed out
and completely incapable of getting out of
the room. He's just laying there, helpless,
sleeping, with a time bomb ticking in...

Batman New Battle 3

There isn't much new to see in the 3rd sequel
of Batman's platformer series about battle
against the Penguin compared to the previous
episodes of the series. This is basically
just an extended level pack for The New
Battle game we played before.

Controls: Arrow keys left and right

Batman Cup

It's time to prove the whole world that
Batman does not need any of his high-tech
gadgets to beat a bunch of motorbike drivers
in a fair racing competition.

nice little flash game about Batman taking
part in a race competition. The goal is to
get to the checkpoint...

Batman Driver 3

If Batman got a coin for each driving game
they made about him, he would have been a
rich guy, which he actually is. Seriously,
I'd say one of the most used themes about
Batman is making a game about him where he
drives a motorbike, across some hilly

Batman Run

This is an endless runner where you push
buttons depending on villains. Batman is
about to meet and fight one on one, some of
the worst enemies of Gotham City! Let's see
who's on board with the Batman, Who makes
this group of bold villains who dared to go
against the...

Batman Ball

I've heard of bat-copter and batarangs,
bat-mobile and bat-bikes, but I never heard
of bat-ball. Maybe it's some new super secret
clever invention cooked inside Bruce Wayne's
secret laboratory. If thrown on enemy, it
opens up just about when it reaches the point
above his head and spreads out some

Save Gotham

Batman shooting platformer game with a simple
premise: "Save the Gotham". In the battle
with the green monsters, Batman has several
options: He can punch them on their noses, or
if he had a gun on him he could simply put a
bullet in their heads, or in the end...

The New Battle

Batman gets a new online arcade game called
Batman The New Battle... It's a an exciting
platformer - a flash game with obstacles.
Your goal is to pick up all the coins in
order to clear up the stage. That means you
will have to fight and beat up all...

Adventures Of Batman And Robin

We've already written about Adventures Of
Batman And Robin earlier before in the
article about Top 10 Batman Games Ever. As
you can see there the game dates to 1994 and
has been made for Super Nintendo
Entertainment System (short: SNES, or Super
NES). Therefore this is a classic fighting

Batman Road 2

Let's get back on the road with Batman in
Batman Road 2. Do you remember part 1? Batman
was running around the highway in his beloved
Batmobile, shifting lanes rapidly between the
obstacles and other drivers. For a change, we
lost Joker and Batman now decides to swamp
the Batmobile...

Injustice Gods Among Us

This is a short and simplified flash version
of the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us,
released by DC Comics and Warner Bros for
Play Station in 2013. I think this Adobe
Flash game appeared in March this year, but I
am not sure about the author, because the

Batman Fight

Whip Lady teams up with Helmet guy and the
Penguin against Batman to head him off before
he gets to the Gotham Bank. Batman Fight is a
typical platformer, a fighting and shooting
arcade game, starring Batman. While on the
way to Gotham Bank, Batman is facing some of

Batman Madness 2

Holy Barnacles! Batman is on his way to save
the city again. Joker is up to something, no
doubts about that, while Robin is waiting for
you in a big truck, driving around somewhere
on a high way. He can provide logistic in
extra time, more weapons, ammo and whatnot.

Heroes Ride

Superman vs Batman, a clash of titans in bike
racing adventure 'Heroes Ride'. I root for
Batman, but can't just underestimate
Superman. They are both good, and it's hardly
to predict who's motorbike is better. Both
heroes may freely put their superpowers or
cool gadgets aside. This is a test...

Superheroes Connect

Despite bombastic title "Superheroes Connect"
is not some action-packed Batman game where
he teams up with Superman to beat Hulk. It
really does have something to do with
Marvel's and DC Comics' superheros, such as
Flash and Spiderman, but only in the form of
board bits and pieces. This is...

Batman Helicopter Show

Batman takes a role of a Bat-copter pilot in
another dangerous flying adventure. Under the
light of a full moon, he flies between moving
and stationary obstacles to reach safely the
designated landing spot. Controls are simple
but not really responsive, which makes
driving quite difficult. Anyway, Batman can

Whack A Batman

This is hardly a game, it's more like a joke.
The idea here is that you play as Joker who
wants to whack the Batman on the head as many
times as possible. The Batman is popping out
randomly out his hideout, near the bat-cave.
The game is very basic,...

Cave Runner

If you ever played an endless runner before,
than you know - you can't win this game. The
fact this is about all-mighty Batman with all
his goofy gadgets is not helping. Side
scrolling screen will be speeding up to the
point when your eyeballs starts to hurt. Not

Batman Street War

When Gotham needs help they call for Batman.
The streets are overcrowded by bad guys
driving around in black cars shooting at
people. And Batman is your best bet when it
comes to getting the streets back in order.
Well, this ain't gonna happen in this game,
just because this...

Batman Super Kick

Batman unleashes his new powerful weapon -
his super strong foot kick! In "Batman Super
Kick", which is cool action platformer game
by the way, we get to see him kick some
butts, actually we will see a lot of butt
kicking, literally. You start with 5 lives
and a...

Batman Shoot Em Up

'Shoot em up' is more less a classic shooter
who puts Batman behind a big machine gun and
some old foes on the other side of the
barrel. I've been quite surprised to see such
a quality introductory video of Batman at the
beginning. It looked quite promising. The

Dark Knight Dressup

Even though this game features your favorite
superhero - Batman, don't expect too much.
Eventually, this is just a dressup, and like
any other dressup, it gives you the
opportunity to play with your superhero's
outfit a little bit, and than to print it out
and admire your creation or...

Batman Road Work

Who the hell gave you a driver's license,
Batman! His foes are yelling and acting
discouraging, trying to prevent The Greatest
Detective from fixing the potholes and
getting through to the finish line. Not
everybody's hostile. Robin, Batwoman and
loyal butler Alfred are giving him a cheer,
to use...

Batman ATV Rider

'Batman ATV Rider' is yet another dirt bike
game, which puts the famous Dark Knight
behind the steering wheel, in an adventure
through the unexplored and extremely bumpy
landscapes. Batman gets a chance to try out
as many as three different all-terrain
vehicles, different not only in colors and

Batman Forgotten City

Forgotten City is a modern futuristic
adventure setup, made out of several stages,
suited for Batman to test his special skills
and put his detective wits to work. All
levels share the same goal: Batman needs to
get to the central computer and hack it in
order to get the...


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