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Adam West - The First Batman - Dies Aged 88

One of the most famous "Batman", the actor Adam West, a star from the television series about bat-superhero, has lost the battle with leukemia, at 88.


Batman Vs Penguin Addition Game

Let's do some math! Batman Vs Penguin is basically a math game where you practice simple addition tasks by adding two numbers and providing answers. Depending on how good you are, you either get or loose points. At the lower left part of the screen there are two counters: one counting good answers and another one counting wrong answers. There's also an elapsed time counter which goes from 60 seconds down to 0. There's a Batman at the rooftop, facing Penguin. Each time you give a good answer he throws a batarang and hits Penguin on his face. If you give wrong answer, Penguin either blocks or dodges the hit so your good answers counter remains the same. Or he could just punish you by giving Batman a good slap on the face with his secret electrical weapon hidden in umbrella.


How much does being Batman cost?

Guys from Twizzle really did their best to make an estimation of how much would it cost you to become a real life Batman. And we are not talking here about some cheap Halloween mask and Dracula cape, but the real deal - hi-tech military equipment with all the guns and cool gadgets, including the Batpod and the Tumbler.


Pyramid International New Batman Lego Promo Posters

Pyramid International is a UK company which makes and sells all kinds of posters internationally. They also have exclusive rights to distribute Batman posters. The latest series has been dedicated to the Lego Batman Movie 2. 24 new posters have become availabale for purchase, half of them still 'coming soon' but worth checking out anyway. If all this sounds interesting enough here's the link to Batman Lego Movie posters collection so check it out yourself.


Review and Episode 4 Guardian of Gotham

Welcome to Batman: The Telltale Series, episode 4 preview, review and walkthrough of 'Guardian of Gotham'.


Lego 20 Mini-figures Batman Series

The Lego has announced 20 new collectible minifigures the Batman Series and I assume the US price will stick to 4 USD, per piece of course.


Justice League Action - Batman vs Joker

DC is now hitting the movies Batman vs Superman, the Justice League Movie, so it was only a matter of time before they were like We're got to make a new Justice League cartoon, so it was announced that Cartoon Network is gonna get a new Justice League show called "Justice League Action".


Batman Red Rain And Dracula - Just Moved To 3D

Just in time for Halloween, inspired by the Red Rain Batman and Dracula book, we got this vampire version of Batman statue made by Mondo.


Ben Affleck Is Directing New Batman Movie About Batman And Is Called The Batman

Ben Affleck Is Directing New Batman Movie About Batman And Is Called The Batman, simple as that.


I Am Suicide #9 - Batman Forms Ex-Foes Rescue Team

The world's greatest detective turns to his greates villains for a suicide run against his deadliest foe: Bane.

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