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Lego Superheros

Select between two superheros: lego batman
and superman. In batman's story, a cat-woman
has stolen a purple diamond and your task is
to locate her, chase her down and bring back
the stolen goods to the bank. Use space to
jump over the rooftops. To jump over higher
distances use...

Cat And Bat

In this game, Batman tries to find Catwoman,
who has stolen his utility belt. While
escaping, Catwoman leaves traces behind -
batwave receivers. Batman should collect
receivers to follow the trail. Catwoman
engages robotic lions to protect her, so
beware of them. Use left and right arrows to
run, space...

Batman Gotham Dark Night

The Joker manages to blow up Gotham City's
power plant and plunge the city into darkness
once again. And now you have to help Batman
defuse all of the Joker's bombs in every
level of the power plant to save Gotham City.
Good luck!
Left-Right Arrow Keys-Move
Up Arrow Key-Jump

Spiderman Batman

Swing and jump with Spiderman from web to web
within a given timeframe. Time good and aim
sharp, so that your companion Batman on the
next web can catch you in your flight.

Gotham City Rush

Batman is looking for his friends. Jump,
Glide and Slide through mile after mile of
Gotham City in this nonstop arcade
platformer. This game combines the dynamics
of an arcade game with the keyboard mashing
addictiveness of a twitch game. Make your way
through the city but look out for...

Revenge Of Gorilla Grodd

Crazy gorilla Grodd is attempting to escape
the city. After all that rampage he made with
the barrels last time Batman can't let him
get away. But, this time Batman will get some
additional help from his fellas crime
fighters. During that crazy chase they will
be throwing him some...

Batman Shooter

Batman's dog is trying to protect the
world. Collect green power crystals to save
all super hero's. Use mouse to start shooting
and to navigate.

Batman The Chase

The Joker is making a mess out of Gotham
City! Batman is needed to help and stop this
evil villain. Find him and bump into his car
to stop him. Make sure you pick up the power
boosts so you can do more damage to his car.
Also collect...

Batman And Batwoman

Help Bat man rescue Catwoman from the
clutches of the evil Penguin and his bunch of
idiots. Batman kicks some Penguin backside
and rescues his catwoman. You can play more
. Instructions:Use Arrow
Keys to move, CTRL to Puch Press...

Batman Lego

Batman Lego, The Dark Knight, is on the
mission to help you seize all the wicked
villains. You move the Batwing near to the
villain and by pressing the space bar you
launch the batarang. In order to capture the
bad guys vehiecle, you need to hit it 3 times

Batman Skycreeper

Batman is on his way to catch Joker who
trapped him between two buildings and now is
throwing all kinds of junk on him. But some
of that junk can be useful for you to climb
up. Use those falling blocks and metal beams
to climb up and catch Joker....

Batman Ultimate Rescue

Bat man's fellow crime fighters have been
captured! He needs to use his grapnel gun to
rescue them from criminals on the ground. If
you save enough of Batman's friends, you'll
go to the next level, but watch out for the
criminals and their deadly bombs! Use the
Mouse to...

Batman Barrels Of Peril

Batman has one more difficult task ahead of
him. Gorrila Grodd has captured his team and
now Batman has to rescue them all. But that
is not an easy task. Grodd is defending his
catch and he is throwing barrels filled with
toxic waste on you. Avoid them, collect

Batman Ice Age

Winter has come much earlier this year than
usual and Gotham City has strangely frozen
over. What that could be? I bet that
Mr.Freeze is behind all this mess. I bet he
is the one to blame. Help Batman to defeat
this super intellignet but mad scientist who
controls weather...

Batman Thief Locator

A bunch of super villains are spreading havoc
throughout Gotham city. The batman's tracking
them down! Use the thief locator on the grid
to scan the streets of Gotham City and
apprehend the Super Villains. Be careful,
your amount of moves is limited! Watch the
counter. If you run out...

Batman Dynamic Double Team

A battle wages between good and evil on
the opposite side of the galaxy in Batman
Double Team! Help Batman and the Blue Bettle
battle the evil Kanja Ros Space pirates. Make
sure to collect scarabs if you start losing
your energy!

Batman Ice Cold Getaway

Batman is on the mission to save not only the
Gotham City but the World this time. But
nothing is that easy. There will be many
icebergs on his way and he must avoid them at
all cost. Also he should collect all the
diamonds he can. There is a...

Batman Revolutions

Unknown aliens launch a brutal attack on
Gotham city and damage it severely...Batman
should make his way through waves of alien
drones and destroy the Alien Boss! This is a
one-man infiltation misslion. So don't expect
any help. Arrow keys to move, space to fire
batarang and x to fire...

Batman The Umbrella Attack

Penguin has emerged once again. He wants to
rule the city and it is up to Batman to stop
him from executing his evil plan. You are
equipped with a Jet Pack and first you follow
Penguin up the building. He is fast with his
umbrella so must you be....

Run Batman Run

The police are after Batman this time. Now
the pursuit is on the way and you have to
run. You are out of all your gadgets and you
have to use your legs only. So, run and jump
over obstacles and don't let those cops catch
you. They will even...

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