Top Batman Games for Consoles

Arkham Asylum Cover We know if you are anything like us, you have Bat fever, too. So, we have found the cure for what ails you with three incredible Batman games for the console powerhouses that we have all come to love. Get your bat on and join us as we explore these great games that feature our favorite caped crusader of vigilante justice.

First on this particular list is the best game ever for Batman fans. Yeah, that’s right, I am talking about Batman: Arkham Asylum. The reason this game remains our number one (forever) is that it exceeded every one of our expectations. This game, developed by Rocksteady Studios, raised the bar for the typical superhero game to the highest level, with amazingly dark cinematography, fantastic storytelling, and a heart-pounding musical score. But that’s only the beginning. Just like Batman, this game has great control, allowing you to become one with “The Bat” to take on all the insane inmates that you have to deal with on your way to taking down The Joker. So suit up and let the insanity begin.

Arkham City

Next on our list of awesome Batman games is Batman: Arkham City, by Rocksteady Studios. This game lets you don that cape again to take on the criminally insane in the supersized mammoth prison of Arkham City. Keeping with the dark tone of its predecessor, Arkham City comes alive around the player as an open world map of Joker destruction. Protect the innocent victims of the lockdown as you advance toward your goal, to take down the infamously brilliant mastermind who is The Joker. With amazing storytelling and voice acting, players are immersed, as they make their way through the war zone of Arkham City. Can you survive the lockdown?

Injustice Gods Among Us game

Last on our list of incredible games, featuring our beloved Bat Crusader is Injustice Gods Among Us. This game developed by NetherRealm Studios introduces players to double the Bat. Not your typical fighting game, Injustice puts a disturbing twist to the average superhero game. Ever wonder what it would be like if suddenly your favorite DC heroes were evil? Well, your favorite “Man of Steel” has turned a deaf ear on justice, and it is up to you to bring him down. The incredible graphics and perfectly wicked storyline will have you hooked from beginning to end in this well-made game by the same developers who brought you Mortal Kombat. Further, enhance your gaming experience by playing the mobile version. The cross-platform capabilities allow players to unlock certain items and upgrades on the mobile game to be used on the console and vice versa. We think that’s excellent.

We think you will agree that these three games are more than enough to scratch your bat itch, that’s why they make our list of top Batman games on consoles. However, we know how opinionated Batman fans are, so if you disagree, feel free to let us know by adding your thoughts to the comment section. Batman out.

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