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The Hulk or known as the incredible Hulk, is a superhero from Marvel Comics. Hulk comes into being after Dr. Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to the blast of a gamma bomb he invented. After that he will always transform into Hulk when angry. The Hulk is actually the raging and impulsive alter ego of quiet and withdrawn Dr. Banner. He is usually depicted as a big, strong, green, human like monster, and the strength comes from anger...the angrier he is the stronger he is. You may test his strength in free flash Hulk Games we collected for you. Smash and throw everything you see in these great Hulk Games online. Have fun playing Hulk Game with us at Hulk Games.

Hulk Punch Thor

There's this scene from the Avengers 2012
movie when Thor and Hulk team up and beat up
all the enemies while battling the Chitauri
together. But than, when they stopped and
while Hulk was catching his breath he quickly
stretch out his left arm and punched Thor in
the head...

Hulk Madness

Hulk Madness is a game about Hulk's
indestructibility. The more bombed he get hit
by, the angrier he gets, and more planes he
destroys. Dropping bombs on The Incredible
Hulk's head turns out not to be very bright
idea because that only makes him even more
angry - which is the...

Hulk ATV 3

There are two reasons why today we have such
a large number of Hulk games where he drives
a motorbike or quad bike or ATV like in this
case. First reason is, they are very popular,
and the second is, they are just too easy to
make. Taking that into...

Hulk Ride Snow

When Hulk gets mad he feels nothing but rage
- he doesn't even feel cold. That is why some
snow and a ride on his motocross bike across
the freezing mountain trails presents no
problem for him. An interesting detail is
that he decided to put some snow tire chains

Push Hulk Push

Push Hulk Push is kind of a parking game but
Hulk style. He made a rampage all over the
city and now he wants to clean some of the
things up. Goal of the game is to push the
wrecked car into the assigned spot while
navigating around all kinds...

Hulk Motorbike

Hulk took his motorbike and is making rampage
on the track. 8 levels of driving up and down
crazy hills and valleys. Sounds fun, right?
But, the thing is that this game is not very
playable. Controls are too sensitive for such
a large bike. So, tipping over is way...

Hulk ATV 2

The best green hero Hulk decided to use a
vehicle for a change. He got tired of jumping
around and took one awesome ATV and took it
out to the desert for a test run. Take him
over hills and valleys, do stunts and enjoy
the adrenalin filled day out....

Hulk Stunts

Drive ATV as a Hulk and do air stunts, tricks
front-flips and back flips to score points
and beat this crazy driving game. There are
10 levels to unlock, 5 amazing tricks and
crazy air stunts, 2 basic flips and 4
achievements. If you top over, your ride will

Hulk Vs

Hulk vs is a Marvel kids game featuring
Incredible Hulk in a new fighting adventure.
Hulk is walking through the Weapon X
facility, a government secret genetic
research center, being well guarded by an
armed military forces. Hulk has no choice but
to defend himself and fight back with a...

Hulk Truck

In Hulk Truck you drive a green 4 wheeler on
a heavy terrain full of bumps and rampages.
You will gain extra bonus for smashing cars
and collecting yellow radioactive cans. The
game is pretty much simple and easy to play.
Aside from good graphics and interesting
post-apocalyptic atmosphere and...

Hulk With Friends

Hulk with friends is yet another Hulk fix my
tiles type of flash game. By pressing the red
button you get the next piece of a puzzle.
You grab the piece and place it at the
correct position. You cannot get the next
tile before sorting the previous one, i.e.

Hulk Memory Balls

This game is really fun. You have two boards
with the same set of memory balls on them.
All you have to do is match the balls to the
pattern given in the smaller board on your
left. Remember the pattern with Hulk faces
and click on the Big board...

Puzzle Mania She-Hulk

She Hulk is our hero in this game. There is a
nice picture of she Hulk wrestling arms for a
bet. She looks great and you have to solve
the puzzle to see the entire picture. Use
your mouse to pick up a piece of a puzzle and
click until...

Hulk Memory Balls

A great game to test you memory with your
favorite hero. You are given a screen full of
balls and you get to glance where the hulk is
hiding and then you need to find all balls
with his face on it. When you get it right
you advance to...

Revenge Of The Hulk

Your hero is angry again and only way to go
back to normal is to smash the whole town.
keep moving and stop for nothing. Collect
enough points to get to the next level and
then use earned money to upgrade your bat or
strength. The more you destroy more...

Tiles Builder Hulk

Build the image of an angry green hero Hulk
on the bar given. Be careful how you put the
building blocks on the bar because if you
drop any, you will not be able to finish the
game and will have to start all over again.
There is no time...

Hulk Power

Hulk is crashing construction beams like they
are simple bathroom tiles. There is a power
meter in the lower right corner, you watch
the numbers go up and try to press space when
the power is as close to 99. Depending on how
successful you are Hulk will brake from...

Hulk vs Wolverine

A nice new combination, Hulk versus
Wolverine! Who is stronger, better, greater?
We'll find that out some other time and now
you should try to sort the tiles to fit the
picture. That's the name of the this game!

Hulk Gladiators

In this great game Hulk is one of the
gladiators in the ring. He is faced with
admirable opponents like the Spikes, Kronans,
Eggbreaker, Death's Head Guard and the
champion of the arena... Silver Savage. Will
the great Hulk be able to save this planet or
will he be just...

Hulk Green Anger

Put the Hulk together in this round picture.
If you are a true Hulk fan this should be no
problem for you. Go green!

Hulk on the Rampage

Hey there! Hulk is angry again and on the
move...fix those tiles before he destroys the
city! Good hand eye coordination needed! Have

Hulks Car

Hulk is on a rampage again. This time he's
destroying only cars and occasional trash
can. Hulk's car demolition is on the way!
Make that score count!

Find the Numbers

Challenging game of Hulk! Analyze your power
of observation and try to find all the
numbers imprinted all over Hulks body and all
around it. Each accurate click will get your
score increased. You think it's easy to find
all the numbers hidden in the Hulk picture.It
will take you...

Hulk Puzzle

Solve this great Hulk puzzle. Try to find the
correct place for all those green pieces of
muscle and anger. If you are a real Hulk fan
this should be no problem for you. Best of
luck! Don't let this puzzle make you mad!

Hulk Bad Alttitude

In Hulk Bad Attitude guide the Hulk to hit
as many robots as you can. Nothing can stop
the Hulk! Except gravity. The more robots the
Hulk hits, the higher his score and the
higher his altitude. Build Hulks rage meter
and take the Green Goliath higher and higher

Hulk Central Smashdown

You are the Hulk! Jump up and down and
destroy robotic enemies! Jump on them to
crush them, but don't miss or you'll get
hurt! Grab power-ups, string combos and prove
your Hulk is the strongest one there is!
Smash as many robots as you can, but don't
let them...

Hulk Smash Up

The Hulk is back and free, roaming the
streets of San Francisco. He must fend off
advancing tanks and helicopters by smashing
anything that gets in his way. Smash
everything before the time runs out and the
Hulk changes back into his human alter ego,
Dr. Bruce Banner. Controls: Use...

Hulk Tank Throw

In this Hulk game goal is to throw the
tank as far as possible. To do that, you
click on the Spin button and hold it until
the power is on max. Click it again and the
tank will fly. But be carefull, if you hold
the spin button too...




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