Nightmare Batman and the All-New Infinite Crisis Game

Batman Nightame image There is a major game that avid online players can look forward to this year. The game is called Infinite Crisis and it is ready to take on the gaming industry by storm. It will make a huge battle arena for all the players who are eagerly waiting for its release. Ready to be launched this 2013, this game promises of at least 12 characters taken from the most popular comic book publication, DC Comics.

As an online multiplayer game, Infinite Crisis boasts of an array of interesting characters, maps, and game settings. But for players to fully enjoy the game, they have to make use of credits to purchase advanced items and upgrade their characters. Players can earn credits by simply completing successful hits. The powerful hits that are credit-worthy in this game are referred to as the Turret last hits, Drone last hits, and Champion last hits. Using different strategies, credits are either dropped to the ground or are awarded instantly as players eliminate enemies after enemies. The more credits gained, the better in-game improvements can be purchased.

Infinite Crisis are staged in different universes or settings. Each champion character originated from a world that is entirely his own. The different settings in this game are referred to as Prime, Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Nightmare, and Mecha. Prime is Earth as it is known today. It is where legends like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman came from. This is also the type of universe where both heroes and the villains thrive.

Nightmare and Gaslight Batman

Nightmare Batman

Two of the most intriguing settings of this game are Gaslight and Nightmare. Gaslight pertains to the Age of Invention when society started unearthing the powers of the steam technology. Roughly, such era started not very long after the Victorian period. It is during this time when heroes like Gaslight Batman came about. Gaslight Batman is that version of Batman who is equipped with the powerful blinding light of steam. The command of steam, which is simply referred to as the Gaslight, is very evident in Batman’s weapons and costume.

On the other hand, the Nightmare setting gave rise to yet another Batman persona. Simply called as the Nightmare Batman, this character is very different from the Batman that everybody knows. He came from a time when nightmare has brought upon the worst horrors to the Earth. It was the time of darkness. A terrible power from the ancient world has brought in hordes of monsters that successfully took over the entire land. Many heroes like Batman have fallen – and they have turned into monsters themselves. But as irony will have it, the same frightening darkness that has wiped out mankind has brought out the good in the survivors. Villains or heroes, all that remained of the human race united to fight the compelling strength of darkness and put it away forever.

That is exactly the situation that formed Nightmare Batman. He looks every inch the monster that the darkness forced him to become. But that transformation left him even more formidable. As an assassin, he can hunt down all his enemies and hang around them in their dreams. He can penetrate their front lines and trample their defenses very easily. He can spot vulnerabilities in his enemies and take advantage of them. Batman is the nightmare that nobody ever wanted to see. In this upcoming Infinite Crisis game, he is one of the most powerful characters to watch out for.

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