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If you are reading this, you are probably already familiar with a few Batman video games and maybe even play some of them yourself. If so, one thing that you may have noticed is just how many of these games feature the Batmobile. This really isn't all that surprising since the Batmobile is one of Batman’s most useful and familiar accessories. More than just a car that Batman can use to get from one place to another, the Batmobile also serves as a high-tech weapon, a getaway vehicle, and a defensive shelter. Equally at home in the water–and sometimes even in the air–as it is on solid ground, the Batmobile is truly one of the most recognizable and most popular tools of Batman...
Here's what we got on Batman driving games:

Batman Truck Drive

Batman is embarking on new adventure with his latest vehicle. His new BatMonster Truck needs to be tested in rough conditions to see if it will withstand all that awaits it in the future. Drive Batman Truck over some very bumpy terrain filled with obstacles, steep slopes and rivers. Jump and make stunts if possible, collect coins and above all stay leveled at all times. If you tip over, you lose, if you fall into the river, the game is over. So, buckle up and conquer all 9 levels of adrenalin filled ups and downs and add some twist to this thrilling drive.

Batman BMX

In Batman BMX, you get to ride through the streets of Gotham on a BMX bike! It is highly unlikely that Batman himself has ever ridden one of these bikes, but there is no denying how much fun the action can get in this game. All throughout, you get to try out a variety of stunts and tricks that even the caped crusader would find challenging! Don’t get too distracted however, as you have to make sure to keep Batman on the bike at all times or risk getting him hurt.

The Dark Ride

Batman: The Dark Ride involves a number of different obstacles that come your way as you attempt to reach a specific target. These obstacles are spread out among several different levels, so can bet that there is plenty of action all throughout! You can even win additional points for every flip that you make, so make sure to practice your moves!

Winter Bike

In Batman: Winter Bike, the object is to win the moto champ competition. This should be easy enough, but the fact that you have to do it over snow-capped hills definitely poses a bit of a challenge!

Batman Truck

Batman Truck takes you to the heart of the action as Batman checks out his new truck. Along the way, you should try to grab as many of the bats in the air as you can. Doing so will greatly add to your score and even give you a bit of an extra boost. Read users game review here.

Batman Thrill On Wheels

It seems like almost every day, there is a new racing game just waiting to be grabbed up by hordes of gaming fans around the world. Not that there is any shortage of such games already, mind you. Do a quick search on the Internet and you will likely be able to dig up dozens–if not even more–games in which racing is the predominant theme. However, fans of these types of games will no doubt tell you that there is always room for one more. And if the game is one that features everybody's favorite caped crusader–such as Batman Thrill On Wheels 3D, for instance–then the anticipation level rises even higher. Read the full review on the actual game page (click on the image to get there).

Batman Monster Truck Challenge

Batman is driving a giant monster truck in a junkyard full of old cars, rusty fences and water obstacles. It is not easy to steer this powerful machine and maintain balance at the same time while the truck climbs uphill. Try to get past all the levels.

Batman Wanted

Who's the most wanted man on the Joker's list? Batman of course. Enjoy the thrill in this great car chase shooter as you avoid collision with high speed cars and dodge the bullets from the Joker's van.

However, it might surprise you to know that there are many Batman-themed games out there that don’t feature the Batmobile at all or any other car for that matter. While you may think that all Batman-themed games involve driving the Batmobile, there are actually plenty of games that have the Caped Crusader, tearing up the streets with various other types of vehicles, some of which you definitely haven’t seen in the comic books, the TV series, or the movies. Bicycles, motorcycles, and even monster trucks…these are only a few of the vehicles that the Batman has been known to use in his efforts to fight crime. As you can imagine, the action can get pretty intense no matter what Batman’s ride is, so you will definitely want to check out a few of these games.

Monster Bat Truck Superhero

Does driving a monster truck on Gotham city's rooftops sound too crazy for you? Well, not for Batman. He's up to something and this insane ride is just a warm up for him.

Choose your truck

That black truck with red rims and big hood scoop for turbo engine sure looks awesomely mean. Guessing who's behind the wheel? Your friend Batman is taking this beauty for a ride. The best part is suspensions. They are massive. Your truck will float like a boat. If you press the space bar, you will literally fly. Collecting coins is just a bonus. Enjoy your ride, and don't worry about the time or money.

Batman Truck 3

Would you care for an ultimate drive while listening to the coolest Batman music theme ever?! The monster truck is unlocked by default, but as the game progress, you will unlock the rest of the vehicles: bat-bike, space-car and more. Definitely one of the best games in the genre. You'll hear the engine roars, you'll feel the atmosphere, you can even engage the nitro boost. As always, just make sure Batman doesn't tip over.

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