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Batman Gadgets

Batman utility belt

Batman was not bestowed any superpowers. Instead, he worked hard to develop the two tools every man on earth is born with, his mind and body. His wealth has also been an attribute. Batman's athleticism, intellect and ability to deduce are his greatest weapons. His gadgets have also been helpful.

Batman has had numerous gadgets throughout the years. His shark repellant spray, Batwing, Batmobile remote, smoke grenades, Bat Pod, utility belt, Batarang, Bat Grappler, Batmobile and the Bat Suit, have been his most notable. Batman has used each of these gadgets, some more than others, to get himself out of dangerous situations. His utility belt and Batmobile are probably the most recognizable of all of the batman gadgets listed here.

Batman's hatred of crime stems from witnessing the murder of his parents as a child. That terrible occurrence, led to his life as crime-fighting vigilante. His willingness to break the law in order to beat crime and criminals sets him apart from other superheroes, who always seem to walk the straight and narrow, regardless of the circumstances.

Batman batmobile

Batman's lack of superpowers, tough childhood and willingness to do whatever it takes to meet his goals, reverberates with a lot of people. It makes him relatable in ways that other superheroes are not.

Bruce Wayne may be Batman's most well-known alter ego but he is not his only one. In addition to Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson (originally Nightwing), has also stood in for Batman, acting as his alter ego. He did so during Bruce Wayne's time travels. He also filled in for Wayne when he injured his back. Grayson would continue to do so, until Flashpoint.

Batman is one of the most notable comic book superheroes of all time. His humbling beginnings and ability to fight crime, no matter what, make him easy to root for.

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