Batman The Umbrella Attack Game Review

Batman Dangerous Buildings

This is is a jackpot game for Batman fans! This game is one of several Batman games on this site and anyone who loves the adventures of the Dark Knight are going to enjoy this game.

It's not high in graphics of monster computer power like the big console games but it's challenging and thrilling none the less. The Penguin is on the lam and you as the Caped Crusader has to use your jetpack to chase the Penguin up a building and then back down again. Remember Penguin? We wrote about that villain in batman enemies. It's just simple dodge and weave, gather up health icons and avoid bombs and other obstacles. You have your simple controls like left, right, up, down for the PC and you then just hit the bad guys and gather up the goodies and points. The graphics come from the popular Saturday Morning "The Batman" that many fans feel is the best of the Batman animated series.

Batman Jet Pack gadget

The unique designs and fun action makes this video game lots of fun and of high interest. You can easily get addicted to this game as it has the kind of challenges that are both simple and complicated but it's all eye-hand coordination and full of giggles and intensity. You'll be leaping the rooftops in hot pursuit of that umbrella carrying perfidious purloiner of aviary affrontery, the Penguin!

Batman glider

So just get your Batman on and take a try at capturing the Penguin before he goes for broke all over Gotham City. As mentioned before the game is Flash and doesn't eat up crazy CPU power and you can just bookmark it and then play with just the click of a mouse.

falling bombs Avoiding bombs falling through the window earn you some extra points. Also make sure to avoid balconies, fire escapes and the electrical traps.

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