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Batman vs Hulk - Who wins in the fight?

Batman vs Hulk - Marvel and DC comic cover

It's already been done in the Comic Book World where Marvel and DC Comics decided to make this unlikely but popular fight take place. Fans then way back in the early 1980s figured that this was a joke but piled in anyway to read the comic. Basically in the storyline the Joker cons the Hulk into a fight with the Dark Knight. Batman uses a bit of ingenuity to outwit the giant green monster and that's the only way Batman could beat him. However, the comic book could have taken other strategies into consideration.

First, the Hulk is one of the most powerful comic book superheroes or anti superhero. He's so powerful that he's even appeared in Marvel issues where he took on Thor's Aesgard. It takes a lot to tangle with the realm eternal and come out alright. The only Marvel characters to best the Hulk are those with cosmic powers beyond the mortal class. Even Thor, the Submariner, and others have gone toe to toe and lived to tell the tale. At one time, when he was just starting out in his superhero role, Spider-Man actually knocked out the Hulk. That's what got Spidey the early 1960's rep. We're talking about Batman though, a top athlete of exceptional abilities and a master detective and scientist as well as a financial success in his role as Bruce Wayne. He's got the brains, fitness skills, and the coolest gadgets in the comic book world but could he take on the most powerful mortal? The Hulk? Let's take a look at how things could have turned out.

The Hulk's powers come from the effects of gamma bomb radiation. Dr. Bruce Banner accidentally absorbed the radiation while trying to save someone's life from the bomb itself but got caught in the blast himself. When he becomes upset he morphs into the Hulk, a non stoppable monster. The Hulk can withstand high impact weapons, lasers, and more. He can leap great distances and create more damage than a Class 5 hurricane in twice the time. How does a normal man defeat such a menace?

Hulk versus Thor

As mentioned earlier, Batman has the best gadgets in the comic book superhero universe. That and his survival intellect are his best advantages. He can't call on the Super Friends or the Justice League, he's got to take on the Hulk on his own and we'll look at what would happen if we just kept things toe to toe regarding Batman vs the Hulk.

Batman would be outclassed in power. Let's be real there. He does wear protective armor so he could theoretically take some of the effect of the Hulk's power like his thunder clap or ground pound, but if the Hulk hit him he'd better be wearing major Bat Armor or he'd be killed. Knowing this and let's say Batman prepared for the fight he'd have to go at it Tony Stark/Iron Man style with some advanced armor and then he could tangle with Hulk for a bit until he figured out a weakness. Hulk's face Perhaps noting the gamma ray emissions, Batman could have come up with an anti-gamma emission device or perhaps some sort of chemical that's absorbed by the skin. Knowing Batman he'd have paid some top scientists to come up with all sorts of things but the Dark Knight would have easily figured out that Banner's rage is the source of his power and would have figured out a way to handle the rage, not the rager, if such a word exists.

So remember, Batman has the wits and resources to solve problems fast or he wouldn't be alive. That's why the possibility of Batman beating the Hulk exists.

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Batman vs Hulk

Batman vs Hulk - Who wins in the fight?

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