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Crossovers between Marvel and DC in movies, comics, games

Crossovers between Marvel and DC Comics have a long and storied history. Overall, they have been pretty successful and well received. In this article, we will take a look at six of them, the first, JLA/Avengers.

JLA Avengers cover 2008

JLA/Avengers was published by Marvel and DC Comics in 2003. George Perez handled the artwork and Kurt Busiek, the writing. Marvel's Avengers starred in the cross-over and DC Comic's Justice League of America. The JLA/Avenger crossover was scheduled to be written, illustrated and released much sooner than it was, in 2003. The companies originally begin making plans for the crossover in 1979. A writer, editor and illustrator were all chosen. However, creative differences resulted in its cancellation. The inability to work together prevented another crossover from being written, the sequel to the The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans.

In 2002, Marvel and DC Comics decided to give things another try. Kurt Busiek was chosen to write the story and George Perez to draw it. As mentioned above, it was released in 2003. A reprint of the story was released two years later in 2005. In 2008, it was re-released as trade paperback publication.

superman vs spiderman

Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man was another Marvel and DC Comics crossover. Penned as The Battle of the Century, the comic book featured of the two most popular and well liked comic book characters. Marvel and DC were each putting their major stars at war with each other.

superman vs incredible hulk

Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk was another popular collaboration between Marvel and DC. Roger Stern wrote the book and Steve Rude illustrated it. The story line was good and the artwork, excellent, making it a good pick for fans of either or both of these characters.

batman vs incredible hulk

Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk was yet another Marvel/DC crossover. Len Wein wrote the story and Jose Garcia-Lobpez handled the illustrations, which was very good. Some people felt like this was a difficult story to write, mainly because the characters were so different and normally, wouldn't face an opponent like the other. Even still, it turned out to be a good crossover. Joker and the Shaper of the World made an appearance in it as well.

DC and Marvel released Darkseid vs Galactus in The Hunger by John Byrne and Rick Taylor. It didn’t feature the biggest names in comic book history, but overall, it was well received.

batman vs captain america

Batman and Captain America, is considered by many people to be, not just one of best crossovers between Marvels and DC Comics, but ever. The story's characters are top notch and so is the story line. The artwork is excellent as well.

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are the two biggest forces in the comic book industry. Both are industry titans and are responsible for creating some of the world's very best comic book characters and story lines. The six crossovers mentioned above, are a sample of what's available and are considered to be amongst the very best. Each of them featured some of each respective company's (Marvel and DC) best characters, giving fans the opportunity to see their favorite heroes either battle it out with each other or join forces.

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