Batman Games of 2013

I Hate Batman Truck

This is one of many rip-offs of legendary
Batman Monster Truck Challenge game made by You drive Batman's black
monster truck through 10 most crazy levels
you have ever seen. You will be driving over
tanks and military trucks, over metal pipes
and empty oil barrels all the way...

Batman Memory Match

Batman Memory Match is a multilevel puzzle
game where the player should find the card
pairs with an identical Batman picture on the
card fronts. Cards are placed face down at
the beginning of each level and player clicks
randomly to turn the cards to see what's
underneath. It is...

Catwoman Night Dressup

If we take a look at any superhero from
Batman opus, Catwoman is probably the best
choice to make a dressup game. The reason is
her looks, but above all the female audience,
and that makes us sure that this game will
appeal to girls in the first place. Catwoman

Save The Batcave

While batman was somewhere outside Joker had
found his hideout and set a large number of
explosive mines with an idea to destroy
Batman once and forever. Batman knows that
Joker went to his hideout and knows about the
bombs but isn't sure where are they exactly.
His hi-tech detection...

Batman Runner

Batman Runner is a running game with
obstacles where Batman sprints, jumps and
makes stunts on the train rooftops, while
avoiding traps, collecting points and
swapping riding vehicles in a crazy race
against mr. Penguin. The goal is to keep up
as long as you can, earn best score possible

Batman Adventure

Joker took Batman's girlfriend and left a
message behind where he asks Batman to come
and get him if he wants to see her live and
well again. It is obvious that Joker left
this blackmailing note on purpose, to make
sure Batman will follow him and maybe fall

Batman Defend Gotham

Batman Defend Gotham is a fighting arcade
where Batman roams the criminal underworld
and fistfights the hordes of masked villains,
probably sent by notorious Joker. This is a
complete beat 'em up arcade with bonuses,
special attacks and combo kicks. There's even
a shop to buy upgrades, gain achievements and

Batman Jump 2

Batman Jump 2 is a simple platformer game
where Batman needs to get to his love
Catwoman in order to level up. Soon after the
first level, enemies will start to show up.
If you see a little moving statue of penguin
or some other Batman's foe you have three

Batman Cave Run

They should have put a warning label on
Batman Cave run saying 'playing this game may
cause dizziness'. Having your eyes focused on
a Cape Crusader who runs faster and faster in
a side scrolling cave and jumps over the
abyss - after playing for just 2 minutes some

Batman Car Racing

Batman car racing is barely a game if you
take into an account the poor gameplay, lack
of challenges, upgrades and absurdly short
levels. You steer the Batman's car across the
geometrically shaped terrain to find the end
of the road just a couple of seconds away.
For only one...

Batman Racer

Batman Racer is a fairly small and simple
game where Batman rides a motorcycle across
the buildings' rooftops, in order to get to
the end of the 'track' as fast as possible,
without tipping over or falling down. Despite
decent graphics, the overall impression is
that the game is too...

Batman Tower Jump

In Batman Tower Jump you guide Batman to the
top of a tower where he is to save his
girlfriend. The cape crusader is already well
known for his brave acts where he saves the
day, except that this time we have this
girlfriend that we know nothing about, or...

Superhero Racer

Batman is well known for not being one to
refuse a challenge, ever! This time he's on a
racing track again, driving his batmobile
against other superheros, which are the best
of the best racers in the world. Spiderman,
Hulk, Iron Man, Superman, Green Hornet and
Captain America are all...

Batman Vs Zombie

It's hard to imagine any recent game without
green crawling undead creatures showing up.
Yes, Zombies are nowadays seen as our cool
buddies that kids simply adore, and that's
the reason why Batman meets them in this
gaming episode. So, after series of dangerous
adventures in which he fought the...

Batman Mini Truck

Batman Truck is a mario-style side-scrolling
platform racing video game with obstacles.
Batman truck has no radar and there's no map,
so you practically do not know how far the
end point is. The best you can do is to keep
an eye on the road and get ready for...

Batman Wanted

Batman is the top wanted man on the Joker's
hit-list. This is the reason why Joker came
up with the insidious plan to intercept the
Batman's vehicle on the Gotham City highway
and destroy it. Green van is the weakest,
the red van is a little bit tougher while it

Streets Of Gotham 3D

How would you like to get behind the steering
wheel of a ride that belongs to your favorite
superhero? Finally we got the opportunity to
enjoy in a real 3D driving and flying
simulation with Batman. There are numerous
surprises awaiting you, such as a riding in a
batjet. All...

Batman Xtreme Adventure 2

Would you like to see Batman jumping from one
rooftop to the next? I bet you'd say there's
nothing new about that right? Well, in this
game there isn't much more Batman can
actually do but jumping, collecting coins and
avoiding or destroying villains, and all that
stuff. You have...

Robin Vertical Venture

Robin Vertical Venture is a Teen Titans game
featuring Robin who's climbing up the
artificial wall full of all kinds of
obstacles. The idea is to get to the top in
less than a minute and earn a merit badge in
Gravity Defiance. Controls are basic and all
you need...

Batman Stunts

Who can do more spectacular and insanely
crazy acrobatic stunts better that Batman on
his custom made motorbike? Batman is enjoying
himself while doing some motorcycle stunt
riding on a specially built training facility
in Gotham City suburb. He mastered doing
wheelis and stoppies all right, now he's
after more...

Batman Extreme Adventure

Batman Extreme Adventure is an online jumping
platformer game with Batman who is trying to
complete the level and to defeat Penguin and
other villains. You start off with a nice
number of 10 lives, which you soon find
simply not sufficient to easily cope with all
the obstacles and...

Batman Dark Race

Batman Dark Race is a 3d car racing game
featuring Batman who is competing in a car
race with his Batmobile against three other
drivers. There are three different playing
modes: career, single race and time trial.
Your goal is, of course, to get to the finish
line before others...

Batman Biker

Batman Biker is probably one of the worst
Batman driving games we had opportunity to
play. There's practically nothing we could
mention in favor of the game. So unless you
are under 5, we strongly suggest you just
pass on this one. The racing track is very
short, like 10...



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