Batman Truck Game Review

Batman Monster Truck Game

This game is just cute and plays off the Batman theme. There are no criminals or arch-enemies to defeat but just Batman in a Bat Truck four wheel drive that navigates across a pretty much static left to right track.

There are 6 keyholes at the level selection intro screen, so you can pick only those unlocked previously.

He basically pops wheelies and catches tokens in the air shaped like his Batman symbol. The music keeps things fun as it comes from the Tim Burton series of Batman movies. Danny Elfman to be exact. This one brings memories to the 1989 legendary Batman movie, directed by Tim Barton with Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger and Michael Keaton in the title role.

Batman car flipped

You drive along avoiding obstacles and pop into the air and snag the tokens. You level up pretty fast so this game is just fine for little kids and big kids alike. The challenge is in keeping the truck steady so that you don't tip over or miss the tokens. At the end of the level the total score is summed up from the number of collected tokens, preformed air stunts and time bonus.

Batman is driving a monster truck, but this time you won't see him crushing other cars and vehicles. Instead, he's just driving on a heavy terrain, keeping balance and trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible. You can clearly hear the motor roaring in the background, especially if you hit the space bar which injects the extra fuel and starts off the jet engine.

heavy terrain ride

That's all there is. Just you and your Bat Truck rollin' along, trying not to tip over and miss out on the prizes. Tilt left and right, move forward and reverse with keyboard arrow keys, which makes the controls basically pretty much standard. The controls are easy, but you'll have to remember that the up button is the accelerator. After that you'll be a-okay.

batman truck in live show action

The game has been inspired by several shows involving actually a bat-monster-truck, which has merged two concepts together in one super mega-ride: The Dark Knight bat-mobile and monster truck. Such vehicle has been even officially licensed by DC Comics. The machine’s equipped by more than 1500 horse powers, created back in 2006. Nowadays, is taking part in US Hot Rod Association competition and has won a championship in 2008 with Norm Miller as a driver. This time, it's your turn to win in this game. So enjoy the fun and get busy being Batman!

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