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Batman And Batwoman

Help Bat man rescue Catwoman from the
clutches of the evil Penguin and his bunch of
idiots. Batman kicks some Penguin backside
and rescues his catwoman. You can play more
. Instructions:Use Arrow
Keys to move, CTRL to Puch Press...

Batman Hits Joker

Easy batman game to play. All you have to do
is to punch Joker, Penguin or Two Face to
gain points. Joker brings you the most points
of course. Hit the Joker, and you get the
game's maximum 30 points per punch. So, if
you like punching things this is...

The Jokers Escape

The Joker is on the run from Batman and needs
help from Punch and Judy to make his escape.
Make sure you get to him in time, as missing
the platform will make your prey fall into a
garbage can Instructions: Jump by
clicking the mouse and moving left and...

Batman Defend Gotham

Batman Defend Gotham is a fighting arcade
where Batman roams the criminal underworld
and fistfights the hordes of masked villains,
probably sent by notorious Joker. This is a
complete beat 'em up arcade with bonuses,
special attacks and combo kicks. There's even
a shop to buy upgrades, gain achievements and

Batman Biker

Batman Biker is probably one of the worst
Batman driving games we had opportunity to
play. There's practically nothing we could
mention in favor of the game. So unless you
are under 5, we strongly suggest you just
pass on this one. The racing track is very
short, like 10...

Batman Tower Jump

In Batman Tower Jump you guide Batman to the
top of a tower where he is to save his
girlfriend. The cape crusader is already well
known for his brave acts where he saves the
day, except that this time we have this
girlfriend that we know nothing about, or...

Batman Night Sky Defender

Fly Batman across the sky and avoid different
obstacles and re-charge the wings. Just use
the arrow keys to move around. Dodge the
obstacles and collect as many power ups as
you can. Watch out for the penguin. Penguin
dynamite and the bomb could do you some
damage. Power ups...

Batman Lego

Batman Lego, The Dark Knight, is on the
mission to help you seize all the wicked
villains. You move the Batwing near to the
villain and by pressing the space bar you
launch the batarang. In order to capture the
bad guys vehiecle, you need to hit it 3 times

Lego Superheros

Select between two superheros: lego batman
and superman. In batman's story, a cat-woman
has stolen a purple diamond and your task is
to locate her, chase her down and bring back
the stolen goods to the bank. Use space to
jump over the rooftops. To jump over higher
distances use...

Batman Underground

Batman has went underground to battle
Joker's villains.Help stop the evil that
lurks under Gotham City. Collect hearts to
restore life. Have fun.
Instructions: Z  - punch, X - Kick,C - Turn
Kick, Space Bar - Jump

Batman Loves Basketball

Batman loves sports and especially he likes
to play basketball. He exercises a lot to
gain power and to build up great muscle
strength. This time he's on the basketball
court, and although most games require at
least one on one or 2 teams, he's doing well
all by himself....

Who is the Villain

Three very bad characters have escaped the
Arkham Asylum and now they plot on how to
bring Gotham down on its knees. Now it is up
to you to determine who are those villains.
You will play several stages as different
people, but only when you reach the end of


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If you want to learn more about this comic book superhero, to discover all of its names like "the Caped Crusader", "the Dark Knight", "the World's Greatest Detective", or simply "the Bat", you can find a lot of material right here.
If your thing are free games, you will find a wide selection to choose from right here. You might even find a new favorite batman game. We scout out the best games for you to play and are proud to allow you to play them for free. And not only batman, but here you can find all other famous cartoon heros like spiderman games, hulk games, superman games, iron man games and many many more.
This is the best place on the web for you to play bat man and Batman Games for kids and all that for free!

We hope you'll find a lot of useful information in our game review and blog sections. You will find there latest news about batman, read about latest game reviews such as Injustice: Gods Among Us or Gorilla Grodd Review, read about Batman Lego product line and it's latest movie preview 'The Piece of Resistance'. Finally, by reading our Blog you'll get a chance to learn better Batman's enemies and sidekicks, such as Robin and cat-woman, or evil Joker, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Penguin all the others, vicious super-villains and enemies.

We have also gathered for you a free batman wallpapers collection, with images in different resolutions, so you can download those most appropriate for your Internet connection speed. You will find images from movies, cartoons and comics covers.
You will see a lot of games where batman is either driving his batmobile or monster bat truck. If your thing is dirt bikes and crazy driving you'll find here something about that too - games such as Batman Bike, Batman Truck Series - 1,2,3 and more. You'll find there more games like 'Batman Truck' or 'The Dark Ride'.
Play batman online games for kids, great for boys and excellent for girls, right here at the One-and-Only Batman Games Only!

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Batman is one of the world's most well-known and beloved superheroes. In addition to the moniker, Batman, he is also known as The World's Greatest Detective", The Dark Knight and The Caped Crusader. Originally a comic book hero, Batman has since been featured in movies, television programs and cartoons. Bruce Wayne's early life was extremely tragic. As a young boy, he witnessed his parent's murders.
In addition to fighting crime, Batman regularly battles a cast of super-villains.The Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, the Riddler and Catwoman are some of the most notable and dangerous.

Batman is not a one-man, crime-fighting machine. His closest friends and allies are Robin and Alfred, his trusted English butler. Flash, referred to as “The Fastest Man Alive” occasionally works alongside Batman to stop or punish evildoers. Green Arrow and Batman were both featured in the JLA series and Brave and Bold. More in Batman friend's...

Batman has had numerous gadgets throughout the years. His shark repellant spray,Batwing, Batmobile, smoke grenades, bat pod, utility belt, Batarang, Bat Grappler and the Bat Suit have been his most notable. Batman's lack of superpowers, tough childhood and willingness to do whatever it takes to meet his goals, reverberates with a lot of people.

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