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Penguin–The “Other” Thorn In Batman’s Side

While the Joker is perhaps Batman’s best-known nemesis, following closely on the heels of the green haired madman is the pudgy character known as the Penguin. Born Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin would grow up into a life of crime, constantly engaging the caped crusader in a battle of wits and wiles. Although his physique obviously presented him with some unique challenges, his short stature and his weight never hindered him in his efforts to get one up over the Batman.

Like the Joker, the Penguin is one of Batman’s oldest and most consistent enemies. He is best known for his remarkable appearance, with the waddling gait and tuxedo giving him the appearance of an overgrown penguin. In fact, it is the resemblance with penguins that has given him his name, and he often uses these creatures as henchmen in the furtherance of his evil ends...

Bellow you can pick & play a couple of Batman games related to Penguin.

Batman The Umbrella Attack

Some of the most interesting Batman video games include the Penguin as a primary or secondary character. In Batman Umbrella, Batman tries his best to catch up with the Penguin in a harrowing chase over buildings.You can read the whole Umbrella Attack game review here.

Batman Night Sky Defender

In Batman Nightsky, the object is to help Batman charge his wings by way of the arrow keys.

Batarang Challenge

In Batarang Challenge and Batman Rock ’Em Sock ’Em, the Penguin isn't quite that prominent a character, although he does provide enough of a unique touch to the action.

Batman Punches Joker

Your nemesis are turned into amusement park moving targets while you hold the switch of a punching glove. The Joker is the main prize as he brings 30 points. Still, punching Two-Face or Penguin is not too bad either: 10 and 20 pts. In the end, the higher the score, the better...

Batman Hunt The Penguin

Batman rushes on his bat-cycle to capture Penguin, who's been driving in a choptlifter. Both Batman and Penguin have some serious weaponary: machine guns mounted on a bike and they both use rocket launchers. Penguin thinks Batman will never catch him. Try to prove him wrong!

Interestingly enough, the Penguin is actually quite sane and “normal”, as much as anyone who goes up against the Batman can be. Unlike the Joker who is decidedly loony, the Penguin often seems almost normal in comparison. This makes it possible for a unique bond to form between the Batman and Penguin. In fact, in later depictions of the character, the Penguin is no longer actively fighting Batman as the owner of a nightclub that caters to the more underhanded characters of Gotham City. In this new role, the Penguin actually helps out the Batman with a few leads in exchange for being allowed to continue with his operations.

Given his unique form, the Penguin isn't quite as effective in strenuous encounters with the Batman, even during their more physical tussles. In fact, the Penguin is better known for using his cunning and wit in the pursuit of his evil goals, which so often involves amassing wealth or power. While he definitely has a hand in many of the underhanded dealings going on in Gotham City, he rarely commits the actual crimes himself and often directs henchmen to do his evil deeds for him.

Nevertheless, the Penguin has proven to be a fighter, with his rare physical encounters showing off his prowess with his fists. Unlike the Joker, however, the Penguin hardly ever poses a serious physical to Batman. More formidable is his umbrella, which serves varyingly as a machine gun, a sword, a rocket launcher, and even a flamethrower. In a pinch, his umbrella can even be used as a mini helicopter to make a clean getaway. If you like you can also read about Penguin in Batman Enemies.

Batman Fight 2

Penguin has umbrealla, there's a Whip Lady holding a whip and there's Batman with his batarangs. The game is typical adventure platformer where Caped Crusader needs to get alive from point A to point B. Will he succeed?

Batman Dark Jump

Batman Dark Jump is yet another episode in which our brave Batman is fighting against Penguin and his evil helpers. The battle takes place in the suburbs of Gotham. Batman has nobody on his side, just you.

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