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Where would Batman be without his Batmobile? A high-tech marvel of ingenuity and design, the Batmobile is equal parts vehicle, weapon, and protective shield. It can withstand tremendous firepower without a scratch, dispose of baddies in numerous imaginative ways, and take Batman wherever he wants to go without regard for terrain or even gravity. Far more than just an ordinary car, the Batmobile is quite possibly Batman’s most useful accessory among gadgets after his utility belt.
The Batmobile is capable of amazing speeds as you may have expected, with 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 5.3 seconds. Capable of a top speed of 266 mph, the Batmobile can also jump 6 feet high and leap a 40-foot horizontal distance thanks to its jet propulsion engine. Among its more formidable weapons are autocannons and a rocket launcher. The Batmobile also has many safety and defensive features including a fire-extinguishing system, gasoline safety control, and a stealth mode ...
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Batman Madness 2

It's all about getting safely in Batman's car from point A to point B below 60 secons. It's a typical car racing game. Your batmobile is much faster than the other cars, but the traffic is really thick and it's not going to be easy to drive through that madness.

Batmobile Ride

There are a number of Batman-themed games in which the Batmobile is prominently featured. In Batmobile Ride, the Batmobile is featured in an exciting romp very unlike the typical 4-wheeler or truck game. With an excellent rendition of Gotham City, this fun-filled game has you driving over various obstacles within a preset time limit.

Streets of Justice

In Batman: Streets of Justice, you get to use the Batmobile as you try to capture the Joker, who has once again managed to get away from Arkham Asylum. There are plenty of other baddies to deal with as well, making for a fun and exciting romp through Gotham City.

Batman The Chase

Also check out Batman: The Chase. Here, you get to go head-to-head with the Joker as he wreaks havoc across town. Watch however, as bombs, bullets, and other cars make the task anything but easy!

Batmobile In Epic Battle

No way Batman would ever let you sit inside his batmobile and watch you turn the engine on without his permission. Not unless you're playing Superhero Epic Battle. This is driving strategy with only one task ... to destroy other racers.

It was in 1941 when the Batmobile first entered into public consciousness, making its appearance in Batman #5, two years after its owner made his print debut. By Batman #20, the Batmobile had achieved enough notoriety to make it to the cover.

The earliest incarnations of the Batmobile tended to vary depending on the interpretations of the artist. As the Batman made his way to other media, however, the look of the car began to follow more standard forms. It was in the 1960s when an actual physical Batmobile was constructed for the Batman TV show. This seminal design–which was subject to numerous financial and functional concerns–would serve as the blueprint of sorts for the later depictions in animated TV series.

Three decades after the debut of the original TV series, the Batmobile has been redesigned as part of the live action Warner Brothers movies. It was also around this time that Batman: The Animated series began airing, which also necessitated a redesign of the animated version of the Batmobile. In both the live action movies and the animated series, the design of the car was the end result of more than 60 years of redesign and development. The later versions of the car included more recent technological features such as a jet engine and later, even a computer.

Batman Dirty Race

Don't expect to have fair race in a game called Dirty Race. Others will try to block you or push you out of the track. There's only one rule - to stay alive.

Batman Road

Avoid road signs, other cars, collect batman-signs and fuel canisters, by switching from lane to lane at the speed of 100 mph. Batman's is testing the batmobile to the limits.

Batman Dark Race

It's a 4 laps long race against couple of other cars. The car, the track and the whole environment is 3D modeled which is nice. Joker's cards will slow you down while batarangs will give you tremendeous boost in speed that much that you will hardly control your batmobile. It will slide off the track, bounce off the fence and back.

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