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The Lesser-Known Batman Villains

If you are a fan of Batman, you are probably aware of the Joker, Penguin, and the Catwoman. The most familiar of Batman’s many foes, these characters are just as much a part of the Batman myth as the caped crusader himself.

However, there are many other characters that, although not as familiar as the major players, have done their fair share in building the legend that was to be known as Batman. Characters such as the Clock King, Mr. Freeze, Gorilla Grodd, and so many others…all are just as important a part of the Batman legacy as more familiar arch rivals.

These and many other lesser-known characters have also been featured in many Batman-themed online games. Here's what we got on Batman villains games:

Batman Brawl

In Batman Brawl for instance, Clock King makes an appearance as one of Batman’s many foes. The game requires you to slug it out with hordes of opponents, although you do have a choice of partner to make the challenge a bit easier. With plenty of combo moves, fast-paced action, and intense camera angles, this game definitely offers plenty of action to go around.

Starting out as Green Arrow’s enemy, Clock King would later butt heads with the Batman. Primarily featured in Justice League International and Suicide Squad, the Clock King also made several appearances in Batman: The Animated Series. Like Penguin and Catwoman, Clock King doesn’t actually have any super-powers, although his remarkable sense of order and timing abilities make him a formidable match for Batman. As you might have guessed from his name, Clock King often employs clock-based gadgets in his attempts to get one up over Batman.

Dr. Victor Fries would later come to be known as Mr. Freeze, and he has often proved to be a challenging opponent to Batman. Previously a highly-regarded scientist, Fries suffered a tragic accident while working in his lab. As a result of this tragedy, the scientist was transformed in Mr. Freeze, with much of his powers drawn from his need to remain in sub-zero temperatures. The accident also affected the health of Mr. Freeze’s wife, an incident for which he holds Batman accountable.

Batman vs Mr. Freeze

Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze is no less exciting, and it pits Mr. Freeze against Batman in a fierce battle for domination. Batman needs all the help that he can get for this particular challenge, so you will definitely have to keep on your toes or risk losing the game altogether! Read full Batman vs Mr.Freeze Game Review here.

Barrels Of Peril

In Batman Barrel of Peril, it is Gorilla Grodd who the masked crusader has to contend with. This fearsome opponent has a number of Batman’s friends locked in a stone cell and it is your job to help save them. You will want to gather as many Batarangs as you can manage in each level, as they can prove invaluable in slowing down and ultimately defeating Gorilla Grodd.

Ice Cold Gateway

Check out Ice Cold Gateway, in which your job is to retrieve a priceless diamond collection that Mr. Freeze has heisted from the Gotham Museum.

Batman Villains And Allies You May Not Have Thought Of

Ask anyone about Batman, and the characters that would most likely come to mind are the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Robin. In fact, most people would probably ventilation think of the Riddler long before they thought about characters such as Scarecrow, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and Green Arrow. Although there is no denying the role that the major opponents have played in forging the Batman legend, there are many other lesser-known characters that have done their part as well.

Green Arrow actually started out pretty much like Batman. Oliver Queen was also incredibly rich, although unlike, Bruce Wayne, he would lose his wealth and take up crime fighting as the Green Arrow.

Revenge Of Gorilla Grodd

Although you may not see these and other lesser-known characters in the movies or in the TV series, there are quite a few online video games in which they are featured prominently. In Revenge of Gorilla Grodd for instance, Gorilla Grodd is the object of a car chase which places you behind the wheel of the Batmobile. There are plenty of objects you have to avoid along the way, although you should try to pick up as many fuel canisters as you can.

Scarecrow isn't exactly an “unknown”, but he isn't exactly a top-tier Batman opponent either…at least not in the early years. Inspired by the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane, Scarecrow started out harmlessly enough as Dr. Jonathan Crane. As a result of his intense preoccupation on his research, Dr. Crane eventually turns criminally insane and conducts his own twisted experiments on the citizens of Gotham City. With the aid of a variety of psychoactive drugs and psychological methods, he even poses a formidable threat to the Batman.

The Scarecrow Revenge

In Scarecrow Revenge, your task is to help Batman come face-to-face with the dreaded Scarecrow, although you will have to brave the underground caves beneath Wayne Manor in order to do so. By collecting as many light sticks as you can, you will be able to increase your points considerably.

One other lesser-known ally of Batman is Blue Beetle. The alter-ego of a high school student named Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle is the result of a blue beetle scarab binding itself to Reyes’ spine. Endowing the youth with extraordinary powers, this scarab would be the catalyst to a partnership that would result in numerous exciting adventures.

Terror Of Time Traps

Terror of the Time Traps brings together the Blue Beetle and Green Arrow in an intense adventure in the limbo between time and space. Your task is to gather up the keys that unlock other worlds, although you will have to be quick, as the action can get heated up pretty quickly!

Aquaman and Green Arrow are perhaps better known than the other lesser players in the Gotham world, but few people would make a connection between them and Batman. In more recent comic book storylines however, both these characters end up working closely together with Batman and serve as essential allies for the caped crusader. In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, for instance, Aquaman actually figures quite prominently in the storyline. Locked into a fierce rivalry with his older brother, Orm, Aquaman enlisted the aid of Batman in preventing a hostile takeover of Atlantis.

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