Batman Dangerous Buildings Game Review

Batman Dangerous Buildings

Batman is one of the most popular comic-book heroes of all. He has been featured in numerous comic books of course. This is in addition to a variety of cartoon series, television programs, movies and in recent years, online games.

There are plenty of Batman games online. In fact, there are so many that fans of the comic book character and franchise will have no problem getting their fill. Two of the most popular online games are Batman Dangerous Buildings and The Cobblebot Caper. Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of them. In our brief review of these games, we will discuss the game’s mission, and playing instructions. We will take a look at Batman Dangerous Buildings first.

Batman Dangerous Buildings

Batman Dangerous Buildings: The primary character in this game is Batman. His mission is to climb a series of towers. While attempting to climb each tower, Batman will have to sidestep various traps and defeat his arch enemy, the Joker, whose goal it is to cause Batman to fail. Batman Dangerous Buildings is an extremely simple game. Players use the Up arrow to jump the towers. The graphics in this game are very nice. They are fairly crisp, have lots of great color and overall, make for a pleasant playing experience. Individuals that have played it, give it high marks.

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