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This is a neat little Flash game that you can play in your spare time. It's rather simple but for Batman fans it's another fun pastime that you can do online and get those Bat frustrations out of you.

First of all the game is a simple single player that pits you against Mr. Freeze, that cold-hearted criminal bent on freezing Gotham City and getting revenge against the Dark Knight. The game has you as Batman on the lower level running left and right avoiding Mr. Freeze's aerial assault. Freeze hovers above you and sends ice beams down that you have to avoid. Once the giant ice cubes are formed you then use your fists to smash them while hurling your Batarang upwards to defeat Mr. Freeze. It's funny to see Batman smashing through ice blocks while Freeze tries to block him in. You can withstand Mr. Freeze's beams for just so long so you need to dodge them or take a chance at hitting him with a Batarang to decrease his health bar. Anyone can play this game as it's so simple and it's got great Batman The Animated Series graphics to go with it.

If you like simple games this one is for you and if you're a Batman fan it's a game you want to bookmark and save for those moments when you've got some time off to play.

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Those unfamiliar with Mr. Freeze need to know that at one time he was an eminent scientist who's wife suffered an illness. He designed a cryogenic system to keep her preserved but during an accident he himself got tangled up in the secret freezing chemicals he used and now must wear a suit that keeps his body at freezing temperatures. Mr. Freeze is super intelligent and has been a lethal combatant when need be. In this game however he's just relegated to dropping ice beams that turn into giant ice cubes and Batman must defeat him or be defeated.

Unfortunately Batman only comes with his agility and Batarang. You have to position Batman either just beneath the hovering Mr. Freeze or wait for him to pass over you and catch him with a Batarang at just the right moment. Other than that, that's all the gameplay involved. It's fun and entertaining so get your Batman thing on and play.

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