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What would Batman be without the Catwoman? She's the enemy Batman loves to hate! Although the two have been locked in fierce battle ever since they first became aware of each other, there is no denying that there exists a sort of chemistry between them. Perhaps it is because of the Catwoman’s smoldering personality or the later cinematic depictions of an uneasy tension between her and the Batman, but one thing is for sure: sparks fly whenever the two meet.
Here are the batman games related to Catwoman.

The Cat And The Bat

In the video game Batman: The Cat and The Bat, players take on the role of Batman who has lost his utility belt to the Catwoman. Making things even more interesting is the pride of robot lions that she has deployed for protection ...

Mystery Of The Batwoman

In Batman: The Mystery of the Catwoman, Batman has to rescue Catwoman from the Penguin. Along with his bumbling henchmen, the Penguin makes for some pretty frenetic rescue action.

Batman Lego

Batman LEGO: The Dark Knight, your goal is to capture all the villains. Be warned however, as the traps left by the enemy makes the game a lot more challenging than it would seem at first. The one you're after in this game is Catwoman, a world class thief, full of tricks and traps.

Catwoman Bike

In Catwoman Bike you ride a bike designed and made just for Batwoman. Keep your eyes on the road and try not to flip over before the finish line.

Catwoman Night Dressup

Catwoman is on her way to do some mischief again. You should help her dress up for the occasion. Make her look dangerous yet cool, beautiful and over the top.

The earliest incarnations of the Catwoman showed her as something of a cat burglar with a particular interest in high-stake caches of cash and/or jewelry. Over the years, her character has undergone a transition from a villainous opponent to Batman to something more akin to an antihero. She was still staunchly opposed to the Batman of course, but her later activities involved deeper and more complex issues.

Almost from the very start, the creators of Catwoman have equipped her with a variety of specialized tools, implements, and weapons that helped her carry out her schemes. Like the Batman, she too had her own customized automobile called the "Cat-illac". This vehicle was in fact a common fixture in the Batman television series that aired in the 1960s.

Of course, it is the whip for which Catwoman is most famous, and she often wields this weapon to ferocious effect, alternately using a bullwhip or the cat o' nine tails. Regardless of the particular whip she uses at any one time, she is equally adept at dealing both with deadly accuracy and to often devastating results. One of the primary advantages of the whip is that it requires considerable skill to use, so it is highly unlikely that it can be used against her in the event that it is taken by an opponent.

The Catwoman has other weapons in her arsenal as well. She has been known to use a gun on occasion, and she is also quite skilled at using bolas to entangle an opponent’s legs. Like any respectable burglar, the Catwoman also has a selection of items that can be used to restrain the victims of her burglaries. Along with sleeping gas or knockout darts, these round up a pretty formidable arsenal that can effectively deal with a variety of situations.

But perhaps the most effective weapons are her charm and seductiveness. Even the Batman isn't always immune to these traits, and they have often served to trip him up when other weapons simply aren't effective.

Catwoman occasionally shows up side by side with Batman in our online games. Beside that, most of the catwoman games are dress-ups such as Catwoman Dressup, there's also Catwoman in Arkham City video trailer and many catwoman wallpaper background, but we don't have them yet.

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