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The Dark Knight Movie Review

The Dark Night Movie The Dark Knight Many people remember The Dark Knight as the last movie the late actor, Heath Ledger, starred in. Ledger played the Joker in a way that no other actor had before. Some people speculated that he became so enveloped in the character that he had a difficult time coping and going back to life as normal. Whatever the case, Ledger died surprisingly and tragically in his New York apartment, leaving behind a daughter with ex-girlfriend and fellow actor, Michelle Williams. He was 28 years old.

The Dark Knight definitely lives up to its name. Not only is the name indicative of its main character, Batman, but it also has a dark feel to it. This separates it from many comic-book movies which tend to be sort of light, even during the unpleasant and/or “scary” parts. The Dark Knight picks up where Batman Begins leaves off.

Dark Night Movie slogan - why so serious

The Dark Knight was written by two brothers, Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. Unlike comic book movies of old, where it was obvious and clear-cut who the villain and hero were, there is a little more ambiguity in this movie. The line between good and evil is a bit blurred.

The Joker, again, played by the late Heath Ledger, is a major character. The way that Ledger chose to him was one of the main talking points for both fans and critiques. He seemed to go to a very psychotic and very dark place. This wasn't your father or grandfather's Joker, with the big grin and silly antics. This Joker was really a bit disturbing and unsettling. Upcoming movie: The Dark Night Rises

The Dark Knight tells the tale of its star Batman and his latest adventures. In this movie, Batman is feeling uncomfortable. He is bit confused about how to best protect his beloved Gotham City at a time when he is not feeling particularly worthy of the role. Gotham City is having major problems and rather than Batman solving them, he is adding to them. He, along with some crime-fighting buddies, has managed to get rid of some pretty major bad guys. However, this time, his help doesn’t come in the form of fellow superheroes. His help consists of regular guys, dressed like Batman, walking around the streets of Gotham. The bad guys who haven't taken off have made it their mission to make sure that Batman is not able to do to them what he's done to the guys he ran out of town.

Gotham City's district attorney, Harvey Dent, is committed to cracking down on crime and thus is okay in Batman's eyes, at least in this regard. Batman isn't too thrilled about the fact that he is dating his ex-girlfriend, Rachel.

Harvey Dent, Jim Gordan (the Lieutenant) and Batman work together to thwart the Joker's evil efforts, to destroy Gothman City. Joker wasn't the only bad guy that Batman had to face in this movie. He also had to take on Two-Face, Scarecrow, the Joker Thugs, Sal Maroni, The Chechen, Lau and Gambol.

The reviews for The Dark Knight were very good. It was universally well received by both critics and regular viewers. Look for the upcoming sequel to The Dark Knight. It has already been titled The Dark Night Rises

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