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Have fun swinging, jumping and climbing buildings in your search for villains with Spiderman on your side! Web is the one thing that makes all the difference! Some games on this site originate from Spiderman Games on GoSpidey.com - spiderman games for kids.

Spiderman is one of the best Marvel Comics superheroes. Created by Stan Lee. A shy teenager Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and that causes him to get superpowers. They allow him to cling and climb to almost anything, to has a superhuman strength, to shoot spider-webs and he gets a "spider sense" that alerts him to any danger. Spiderman is also one of the best known heroes and there are quite a few flash spiderman online games about him and his superpowers. We choose the best spiderman games for you to play here online. Enjoy playing best spider man games you can find online here at Spiderman Games.

Spiderman Combo Rider

How far can you get Spiderman on a dirt bike,
doing stunts, back- and front-flips for
points. It's easy when he shoots out webs to
cling and swing above the obstacles, but take
that away from him and you'll get a picture
about his true skills. So, it's just you...

Spiderman Venom's Vengeance

Venom's Vengeance is an old brick game
revived through the Marvel's world, featuring

The idea behind the brick
games is to keep the ball bouncing off the
wall and 'in the game' as long as it takes to
crush down all the bricks lined up in several

You usually...

Spiderman Vs Green Goblin Havoc

I bet you all Spider-fans are eager to find
out who wins this 'one on one' battle:
Spider-man or Green Goblin, one of the
arch-villains. But, I must disappoint you
right in the start, because there isn't going
to be any fight whatsoever. Instead,
Spider-man is going to do some...

Spiderman Zombie Run

Spiderman is in big trouble: his powers are
low, he has no webs left and he's got a whole
bunch of hungry zombies at his back. Not sure
how he got himself into this mess, but it's
no time for thinking, it's time for running,
and running as fast as...

Monsters Under Midtown

Will Spider-man close the portal's gate and
save the human kind or we are doomed to
intergalactic invasion? Will he manage to
capture all the infiltrated monsters? Will he
succeed in closing the portal and put an end
to this intergalactic threat? It's up to

While snooping around the...

Ready To Kiss 2

Spiderman is just one of my favorite
superheros and I wanna see him mack on some
honeys, you know. Specially this one I don't
know who she is - not Marry Jane, not Gwen
Stacy - you know - Spiderman's first love. As
you can see on the...


Spider-man has faced many villains but this
what's happening is ridiculous. Spidey's been
set up in a street fight with Octobot. He
can't just go in there are splash his nets.
His utility belt is of no use to him right
now. All his super senses, spider-tracers,
spider-bots and other...

Spiderman World Journey

When Spider man wants to go out on a journey,
he wouldn't bother using public
transportation like normal people do. No,
instead of waiting in line with a ticket in
his hand to get on a bus, he'd rather cling
on a helicopter and swing away like a Tarzan.

Cyber Sabotage

Play the role of Ultimate Spiderman on a
mission to explore OSCORP facility in order
to find the source of cyber attacks.

Today we are playing Ultimate
Spiderman - Cyber Sabotage, a game made by
Disney XD (http://disney.com/). The story
goes like this: You play as Spiderman who
just received a...

Spider-man Kiss

Wow, wait, hold on Spidey! Don't you know
that cams are on and everybody's watching? I
know that you are the man, and you don't need
to pull any strings to get a girl in New
York, and wider, but try to hold your horses,
take it easy. If the...

Spiderman Escape Robot City

I am not sure what Spiderman is escaping from
but the facility looks like a concrete maze
with deadly spikes on the walls, and there
are some nasty guards too, shooting arrows at
you. Hostile envorement you must agree, too
much even for our super hero Spider-man. Just
sitting there...

Spiderman Hills Racer

Despite this being obviously Spiderman's
show, he will have to drive hard and earn the
right to hold the medal of Marvel's the most
famous superhero. Spiderman Hills Racer is
basically nothing more than a plain dirt bike
race featuring Spiderman and his villains. If
you prefer bad guys, this...

Spiderman Fun Puzzle

Who says that puzzles are easy and boring
games? Not a chance if Spidey's around. Your
mission is to put together a series of time
measured pie puzzles, depicting Spiderman in
all kinds of dangerous and not so dangerous
situations, sometimes alone and sometimes
with his foes. Make your best...

Spiderman Boxing

Brutal Studio presents, a boxing match of the
year. From the red corner weighing 220
pounds, You, the challenger, undefeated 26
matches in a row. From the red corner, 28
years old, actual middleweight champion, 35
wins all 35 knockouts, dressed in red blue
superhero costume - champion of the

Lego Ultimate Spiderman

An interesting Lego game involving
Spider-man, filled with running, jumping and
loads of falling. Even if you are not a Lego
fan, you may find this game interesting,
above all because of the great graphics. And
just to make it clear, this is an original
Marvel game and all credits...

Ultimate Spider Cycle

In this game you control Spiderman's bike
during high speed chase through busy New York
streets. You need to collect the anti-venom
and take it to his best friend Harry Osborne.
The game is very demanding, you need to react
fast and get to know controls well. Many
things happen...

Spiderman VS Lizard Clones

When things get out of hand in a crazy
scientist's lab, a weird half man half lizard
creature is created. The only one who can
even think of stopping the creature is
Spiderman. In this game we'll see him
fighting against Lizard clones.

the game

This is a first perspective

Iron Spider

Iron Spider is a platformer shooter where
Spider-man is trying to find things stolen
from SHIELD's facilities. Without their
special items and equipment, superheroes are
completely powerless, and specially Iron-man.
The only one who can move past enemy lines is
Spider-man. To successfully finish this
mission you have to master...

Spiderman Zombie Run 2

Not only that Spiderman fought against
zombies but at one point he also had become
one of the living dead. During the period
2005/2006 Marvel Comics had published limited
series of only 5 comic editions under the
name Marvel Zombies. In a completely new
superhero world, in a distant future,...

Spiderman Running Challenge

This is skill based side-scroller game where
you control the running, crawling and jumping
over obstacles of your favorite hero
Spiderman on the improvised range out side
the city. The player must have good reflexes
and persistence and Spiderman is expected to
stay in shape and successfully continue his

Spiderman Trilogy

This is a Spiderman skill game where you
collect valuable coins - tokens. Collecting
them brings great risk that you will be
grabbed by one of the 3 most infamous
Spiderman's enemies: Lizard, Dr Octopus or
Green Goblin. You can also fall into one of
their deadly traps.

Spiderman Rush 2

Spiderman Rush 2 is as the number says the
sequel of the bike riding spiderman game. But
this time there is a twist to a main plot of
riding a bike. There is the Green Goblin
flying behind you and once the race starts
you have to finish it before...

Spiderman Villains

Spiderman in action again. Villains are all
over the city and you have to catch them in
your spider web. Green Goblin, Venom and
other will jump out at you and your job is to
shoot the spider web at them. Every
successful attempt brings 50 points.
Spiderman's boss Mr....

Spiderman Ride

Help Spider-man collect more money to buy
himself a better bike. Nice dirt bike
spiderman game. 10 levels. Instructions: Use
arrow keys to move forward, balance left,
balance right, and move backward.


Spiderman rag doll game! Spidey is traveling
across the city to solve some crime and help
protect innocent people. Navigate him over
the roof tops and don't let him fall into the
abyss between buildings. Shoot your spider
web and grab on anything that can get you to
the next...

Spiderman Hunt

Spiderman is as elusive as ever. It is
extremely difficult to take a photo of him in
action. Your job is to sit still and wait
until Spidey shows up somewhere and then take
several pictures of him. Then you will choose
the best one which will end up on...

Doc Ock Rampage

Doc Ock is going crazy around the town. He is
destroying all the buildings and his rampage
must be stopped. All city officials will try
to destroy you before you destroy the city.
Climb up and down the buildings and smash
them up until they crumble to pieces. You

Spiderman 3 Rescue Mary Jane

Mary Jane is captured by Venom, and you
should help spider-man to reach her by
swinging across the building tops before the
time runs out. You can move left, right,
climb, descend webbing or jump. Your position
on web impact the length of the jump. The
lower you are the...

Spiderman versus Venom

Spiderman is against the Venom in this dart
tags game. You are spiderman and need to
score more tags than Venom before time runs
out. You can double tap to jum, climb up and
down and shoot. Great shooting spiderman

Spiderman Underoos

The goal is to collect a Transformers T-shirt
at the end of one level to advance to the
next. You also need to collect as many as
possible Underoos T-shirts on your way and
all that without falling into the traffic
below. You can use binoculars to see what

Spiderman Photo

The newspaper wants you to take a picture of
Spiderman doing something good. But, it is a
picture for the front page and it has to be
good. Pay close attention on the scene and
maybe you can get a picture of villain as
well. Test your skills and see...

Darkside of Spiderman

Perhaps the evil has taken superhero
Spiderman. Help him get to the light. He
needs to find his good side again. Cling to
colored objects and move forward. It seems
easy, but is it?!

Spiderman Jump

Evil has taken over New York City. You must
wipe the streets clean! Help Spider man
destroy all of his enemies. Shoot, jump and
kill everyone who gets in your way. Spiderman
must win!


Evil has taken over New York City. You
must whipe the streets clean! Use arrow keys
to navigate, down arrow key crouches and
spacebar shoots web. Have fun!!

Spiderman And Batman

Here we have Spiderman and Batman, two
superheroes helping each other. Use spacebar
to throw spiderman directly into batmans
hands. See how far you can get. It's a bit
harder than it looks. Have fun!!

Spiderman Memory Match Game

In order to help spiderman, and save the
day, you have to find the matching cards.
Remember to do all that within the time
limit. Funny twist on the popular game

Spiderman Web Of Words

Spell words and climb buildings to help
Spiderman keep the city safe from Doc Ock!
Your goal is to advance Spiderman through
each level by spelling words. Depending on
the game mode, a level is finished when
Spiderman reaches the top of a building or
completes a head to head...

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