Ben Affleck as Batman

Recently it has come out that Ben Affleck is in talks to play as Batman in the upcoming Batman and Superman flick. There are many critics out there weighing in on this topic, with bloated opinions coming from every nook and cranny of the internet. “Ben Afleck is the right choice. Ben Afleck is the wrong choice.” Boycotts have begun and petitions are already gathering signatures for both sides.

Batman and Ben Affleck

Twitter is blowing up with hashtags proclaiming yea or nay. Some of those suggestions on Twitter are well thought out, but the majority is just a bunch of verbal diarrhea. Regardless, people are entitled to their opinions, but which side is right?

Ben Afleck to his credit has starred in many roles; he took on the role of Daredevil starring opposite his wife, Jennifer Garner, who played the character Elektra in the film. Batman is a DC universe character, whereas Daredevil hails from the Marvel universe. Should this really matter? Absolutely not. For one reason, regardless of whether Daredevil was a fun to watch film, the movie practically bombed and was sent off to die. Batman doesn't bomb. Even the worst Batman film in recent decades has drawn in the big bucks. Why? Because, it's Batman, baby. There’s just something about the bat!

Affleck as Daredevil

When you take a look at the list of actors who have portrayed the Dark Knight on the big screen, there are some really big names that pop out at you like George Cloony and Val Kilmer. These two guys were horrible as Batman. Could it be that genuine fans of the comics can see the movie taking this cartoon turn if Affleck is brought onto the payroll?

Michael Keaton and Christian Bale have also taken on the role of the billionaire Bruce Wayne and delivered performances which were outstanding. If you look at the movies that starred Keaton/Bale, Batman was a dark character, his enemies were dark. These movies deliver a very oppressive feeling to the world of Gotham city. Whereas the movies that had Cloony/Kilmer, while high budget, were more lighthearted in feel and missing the drama that makes for a good batman storyline.

Affleck and Matt Damon sidekick

Now let’s look at Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck handles drama like Batman handles the batarang. He has won Academy Awards and Emmys for his movies. Ben Affleck has also done a little action in his days, starring opposite Bruce Willis in Armageddon and starring as Capt. Rafe McCawley in Pearl Harbor. So seriously Batfans, Affleck has the stuff to be a contender, right?

What do you think about Ben Affleck as Batman?

What it ultimately all boils down to is that people have an image in their mind of what Batman should like, sound like, and act like. For some, Ben Affleck will never be Batman, no matter how many trophies he has on the wall. For others, Mr. Affleck is a fine choice who they see carrying on the dark legacy that the character of Batman has evolved into.

For those of you, who really don't like the idea of Ben Affleck playing this role, rest easy with this following fact. Since the first Michael Keaton film in 1989, there have been seven big screen movies for the character and four different actors. This means that a new Batman movie is released on average every three and a half years, changing the role of the bat four times. If you don't like Affleck, just wait. Some other Hollywood talent will soon receive the cowl of the Dark Knight and the debate can begin again.

However, if you really like Ben, like I do, then this comes as a great surprise. Ben Affleck started his acting career as a young adult, but it wasn't until he starred opposite Mat Damon in the critically acclaimed hit Good Will Hunting that people knew for sure that he had the acting chops to stick around for a while. Granted, he did do a good job in Chasing Amy, however that film never saw the success that many fans wished for it to have. In 2001, he stared in Pearl Harbor, a movie based on the lives of two fighter pilots stationed at Hawaii during the Japanese attack on the naval yard. He then went on to star in several motion pictures with a total of 59 acting credits to his name. He is also known for his really intelligent screenplay writing ability, and in recent years has went on to take the director’s chair, delivering instant classics such as Gone, Baby, Gone and the most recent blockbuster thriller, Argo. Ben Affleck is also an accomplished producer for the movie industry. The man drips talent that only the most ardent hater couldn't appreciate.

One of the reasons that most people can't get over the thought of Affleck in a film such as a Batman role, is that he has no problems letting his political views get the best of him. This is not to say that the man is wrong in what he thinks is the right or wrong about the best direction for this country. It is a fact that people do not like to see their favorite movie actor speak about politics. If you are a believer in a certain set of political beliefs, you don't want to hear from an actor who has differing views, unless of course it was written in the script. However, most people in the film industry should know by now that their fans would rather they keep their mouth shut when asked politically driven question. Promote the movie or project, not your personal politics.

Batman Superman movie poster 2015

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