Lego 20 Mini-figures Batman Series

The Lego has announced 20 new collectible minifigures the Batman Series and I assume the US price will stick to 4 USD, per piece of course.

Some of the figure are less important such as The Mime (with the lightning) among others that I will mention here.

Zodiac Master is also one of the bottom ones.

A stern bearded guy in brown cowl and utility belt is called Catman, and is not alternate Batman, but completely different character.

March Hariet is just adorable, looks and smiles great, it's only lacking a more interesting accessory than a tommy gun.

The Calculator is really fun. He's got the visor with classic calculator trick of 07734 which read hello upside down.

Commissioner Gordon with nice hair and messy clothes usually comes with some exclusive variants, so it's nice to have him here.

Batman actually comes in several variants: Clan of the cave - Batman and Glam Metal Batman with the Kiss style bat-suit, Fairy batman which is hilarious - the fact that we're getting a ping Batman cowl makes me laugh. Lobster Lovin' Batman - outfit is really silly with his six pack popping out of his robe. There's also Vacation Batman. The float piece will be super useful, I believe it slips on at the hip.

Arkham Joker it comes in version very similar to Arkham Asylum set. Either way that set is $150 and this one is only 4$;


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