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Batman Arkham Origins Trailer by Tim Miller

Remember the Deadpool, Tim Miller, the director? It's the same guy who made this brilliant trailer for, probably one of the best Bat-man games ever: Arkham Origins.


Batman Arkham VR - Player's Reactions (video included)

The freshly released Batman Arkham trailer actually is a mix up of user reactions to the game and to a VR experience the game offers.


LEGO Batman Movie - New Comic-Con Trailer Released

For those of you patiently awaiting for the February 2017 and the release of a new Batman Lego movie, here's the latest official HD trailer coming from Comic-Con.


Batman Arkham Underworld - Is it just a cash-grab freemium mobile game?

Arkham Underworld was meant to be different from other games in the series as you will play not as Batman, but the opposite - as one of the villains. Seeing the world from the perspective of a super-villain is very tempting concept, but there are a lot of skeptics out there saying that Rocksteady Studios and DC Entertainment are just basically milking Arkham series and nothing else. Watch the trailer below and see it for yourself.

In the end, a question arise: Is Batman Arkham Underworld nothing more than a cash-grab freemium mobile game milking Arkham series?

Last Updated ( Tuesday, August 22 2017 21:01 )

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bat-Edge - Ridiculous Batman edition? I don't think so!

I don't care if Samsung Edge is topping the lists of most ridiculous special editions for mobile with his Batman Injustice. I don't care and I like it.


Batman Unlimited - A new storybook app specifically designed for young superhero fans

It's in the news: StoryToys, a kids' games & books & educational software publisher, partnered with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to release a new app for iOS: Batman Unlimited: Gotham City’s Most Wanted.


Batman The Killing Joke - Dissecting A Trailer

First and foremost a basic information for those not so deeply involved with the Batman character and history. Batman: The Killing Joke is soon to be released animated superhero movie, which is an adaptation of the old 1988 novel with the same title.


New Catwoman Toy - Arkham Knight Game Collectables

For today's review we're gonna take a look at the new DC Collectable 7 inch scale Batman Arkhmam Knight Catwoman figure.


The Moment When Ben Affleck Realizes The Movie Sucks

If you follow up the news about the latest Batman vs Superman movie, no way you could've missed the moment during the Yahoo interview when Ben Affleck's look just glided into the nothingness while his colleague was answering question about bad movie reviews.


Shy Making Collection Of Harley Quinn Images

Harley Quinn is not only one of the most vicious female bat-villains but one of the most sexiest too. Beside Wonder-woman, Cat-woman and many others, for me, Harley Quinn, a female version of Joker, tops the lists of the most attractive foes you would rather take out for dinner than fight against.

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