Ben Affleck Is Directing New Batman Movie About Batman And Is Called The Batman

Ben Affleck Is Directing New Batman Movie About Batman And Is Called The Batman, simple as that.

It's all over the news that Ben Affleck is 'set to go full Bruce Wayne and take over the Batman Universe'. It now appears that Argo director will have a chance to make his citizen Wayne after all. Warner Bros chief exec Kevin Tsujihara confirmed at Tuesday at that the studio Cinema Con presentation that Ben Affleck will indeed star and direct his own Batman feature film.

I am sure you've heard about new Batman movie and how it is going to be directed by Ben Affleck. The last movie had a lot more talk abouts before the release than useful comments after the movie came out. Something similar is happening right now with the latest title as well. One of the first things people are speculating about is of course the title of the movie. And according to Ben Affleck himself, the movie about Batman is going to be called ... "The Batman" :)

Where the film takes place in the timeline, and what villains or other heros it might include, remains a complete mystery though.

More on this you will find in the video below...


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