Batman Red Rain And Dracula - Just Moved To 3D

Just in time for Halloween, inspired by the Red Rain Batman and Dracula book, we got this vampire version of Batman statue made by Mondo.

Batman & Dracula Red Rain is a 1991 graphic novel by DC Comics. In 2014, for the occasion of Batman 75 years anniversary, Francesco Francavilla made a poster based on this novel. 2 years after this event, Mondo decided to come up with a 3d version of the poster by creating this state in polystone.

Doesn't it look cool?

Mondo is a web portal which makes limited editions of screen printed posters and statues. They exist since 2003. This particular Batman statue has been made of polystone, is 15inch in height and you can purchase it for 250USD on this page

Full gallery is available at this location: batman red rain statue


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