Batman Vs Penguin Addition Game

Let's do some math! Batman Vs Penguin is basically a math game where you practice simple addition tasks by adding two numbers and providing answers. Depending on how good you are, you either get or loose points. At the lower left part of the screen there are two counters: one counting good answers and another one counting wrong answers. There's also an elapsed time counter which goes from 60 seconds down to 0. There's a Batman at the rooftop, facing Penguin. Each time you give a good answer he throws a batarang and hits Penguin on his face. If you give wrong answer, Penguin either blocks or dodges the hit so your good answers counter remains the same. Or he could just punish you by giving Batman a good slap on the face with his secret electrical weapon hidden in umbrella.

The point of the game is to give as many as possible of good answers and therefore earn as many points as you can. Basically the game runs on until the timer reaches 0, which means you can't 'die' or anything like that. You can even win a prize or get to a next level. So to speak, the game is very simple, very basic, and except for some basic math training it doesn't really add much to a fun department, and learning was supposed to be fun, right?

Well, there is one thing about the game which I don't get fully. It's the moment when you do give correct answer but Penguin instead of taking hit, actually hits Batman with his secret electric gun hidden inside the umbrella. I don't know why this happens. Maybe the idea here is to make sure by giving a good answer that Batman will survive Penguin's attack, or it's just a bug, I really don't know.

All in all, probably not a game you will spend hours with. Give it a few rounds and move on, unless you're under 7 and really need some help in maths at this level. Batman would be very proud :)

You can play the game if you follow this link, although I really don't know if it will be still there when you try to reach it.


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