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This year is a Batman jubilee, 75 years since it had all begun. So I took this opportunity to make a little retrospective of all Batman movies so far. This photo story begins with Lewis Wilson in 1943 and it ends with still unconfirmed Ben Affleck role in 2016. My personal favorite is Christian Bale, who played Batman three times until now. He played in Batman Begins 2005, again in The Dark Knight 2008 and for the third time in The Dark Knight Rises 2012. I also hope that site will soon mark its 5-th year anniversary as Batman gaming site #1 in the USA.

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Batman Arkham Knight - Update

batman arkham knight logo

It has been awhile since we had a chance to talk about the new Batman game coming to the home consoles. So let’s do that now! This newest game is a refreshing return to roots after the somewhat mediocre reception of the previous Batman game, Batman Arkham Origins. If you have been following the Arkham games, then you would know that Arkham Knight is the fourth Batman game in the series.


DC Universe Online PS4 - First Impressions

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With the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony seems to be hitting all the right buttons for gamers, everywhere. Not too long ago, PlayStation advertised itself as the best place to play. It should be noted that it is quickly living up to this claim. The PlayStation 4 is continuing with this line of thinking, quickly offering several free to play games early in the console's life cycle. One of these games is the hit pc MMORPG DC Universe Online.


Beware the Batman - Cartoon Network has pulled the show from its lineup

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This past year saw a new kind of Batman take the cartoon world by its baited bat breath, only to have the taste ripped away like a cruel joke by the Joker. Yes, that's right, I am talking about the new Batman cartoon from the Cartoon Network. This new caped crusader show is called Beware the Batman. It would be understandable right now, if you firmly planted your face into your palm and said “Why in the world would they name their cartoon that?” However, don't let the name get to you, as this is as good a Batman cartoon as you are likely to see.


Batman vs Superman Movie 2016 - Nasty Brawl With Batman Prevailing

batman vs superman move 2016 logo

Superman is big and there is no doubt about it. But I checked and there is another superhero who is even bigger than Superman. Who is that? You might ask. The answer is simple and it is a name that has scared even the most diehard villain into hiring legions of henchmen for protection. And that name is Batman. Yes, the caped crusader. Some of you might be saying to yourself that there is no way Batman is bigger than Superman, and that Superman would kick Batman's butt. Well, you would be wrong. You don't have to take my word for it, just accept it as fact and let's move on.

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