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Dawn Of Justice Trailer Parody By Spoof Troupe

Spoof Troupe did their own short parody interpretation of the upcoming blockbuster, Batman vs Superman movie. The latest news is that the movie is going to get a new title: "Batman & Superman & Wonder Woman vs. Lex Luthor & Doomsday". Check out what they did.


Life Of A Bat-fan In One Picture

Life of a true die-hard bat-fan depicted in one image ...


Batman Bad Blood - What's Bad About This Movie

Today we're going to be giving you a review of Batman Bad Blood. Now that's the new DC Animated Universe movie that just came out. If you're unfamiliar with the DC Animated Universe they're taking a lot of known storylines (comicbook series) like in this case "Batman And Son", "Batman: Battle for the Cowl" and "Batman Incorporated" and putting them into one giant movie so that you get something new but slightly familiar.


Batman Arkham Knight - The Last Downloadable Content Just Released In January 2016

Rocksteady releases the latest downloadable content for Arkham Knight, update 1.13 (Janury 2016) for XBOX and PS4.


Second Best Top List Of Not So Good Batman Games of All Time

What a weird title for a Batman games top list. Well, the reason behind is that I already did a top list of batman games a while ago - it was my article about Top 10 Batman Games Ever.


Batman vs Superman - Cereals War

The battle of Batman vs Superman have just turned into a cereals war. Released on January the 1st was the Batman vs Superman cereal by General Mills (US food company).


Telltale Games builds a New Batman Game Series - Coming Up in 2016

A Telltale Games Batman has been confirmed to be releasing in 2016. Now let's talk about this Telltales Games Series and what's going on with this Batman story driven series.


What was the very first batman game ever?

So, you if you ever asked yourself what was the very first Batman game made ever, the straight answer would be - 'Batman' by Ocean Software in 1986 for Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum computers. Playing a game like that from this distance seems quite hard and almost impossible simply because CPC games went to history along with their cassette players and tapes and analogue monitors and everything else. The only way to get a hand of it today is if you own an emulated version, in a form of so called ROM and play it with an Amstrad emulator.


MAFEX New Batman Vs Superman Action Figures

Let's take a closer look of the latest pair of Batman vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice action figures released by Miracle Action Figures Ex or simply MAFEX for December of 2015.


New Batman Pumpkin Carving Patterns With Instructions

Just around Halloween DC Comics have decided to come out with a new set of DC-themed pumpkin carving patterns for the October of 2015, dedicated to some of the best known Batman villains. Available in .pdf format, ready to download, print and cut out on your pumpkin, you have an option to choose between 4 villains: Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and the Creeper.

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