How much does being Batman cost?

Guys from Twizzle really did their best to make an estimation of how much would it cost you to become a real life Batman. And we are not talking here about some cheap Halloween mask and Dracula cape, but the real deal - hi-tech military equipment with all the guns and cool gadgets, including the Batpod and the Tumbler.

Their pretty rough estimation consisting of the suit, gadgets, 2 vehicles and a proper training, reached the figure of incredible 27.5 million British pounds, which is slightly over 34 million US dollars.

As you will see from the INFOGRAPHIC below, the cheapest detail used was the utility belt costing only 25 pounds, while the Tumbler tops the list with 812000 pounds (1 million dollars).

It's not easy to be Batman, is it?


TBH, this is not the first time someone tried to answer this question, but it's probably the smallest bid made so far. According to some posts on quora, estimation settled at a value near 7000000$, which is like 20 times more, but that would include the bat-cave and the mansion.

and here's another INFOGRAPHIC which depicts another estimation of How Much Would It Cost to Be Batman in Real Life?

The comparision between how much being Batman costs now and how much it used to cost before.


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