I Am Suicide #9 - Batman Forms Ex-Foes Rescue Team

The world's greatest detective turns to his greates villains for a suicide run against his deadliest foe: Bane.

The 'dark' has never been more accurate word to describe Knight that Batman has become in the latest 9th issue of "I am Suicide" comic book series.

In short, BATMAN #9 arrives October 19th, 2016, written by Tom King. You can look for it at your local comic book store at a price of $299.

The story is about Batman recruiting a team of ex-foes, the killers, worst of their kind, but ready to join the squad and help him break into one of the deadliest prison's in the world and rescue Gotham Girl. Why did they agree to help him, is you to find ... We don't know everything yet, just these previews released by DC Comics as you can see below.


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