What was the very first batman game ever?

So, you if you ever asked yourself what was the very first Batman game made ever, the straight answer would be - 'Batman' by Ocean Software in 1986 for Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum computers. Playing a game like that from this distance seems quite hard and almost impossible simply because CPC games went to history along with their cassette players and tapes and analogue monitors and everything else. The only way to get a hand of it today is if you own an emulated version, in a form of so called ROM and play it with an Amstrad emulator.

To get an idea how it was like 2 decades ago here's this video I've found on YouTube showing how people used to load games from a cassette. In this particular video you'll see Commodore cassette player, but the same applies for any other computer of that time. Many of you have never had a chance to hear that annoying noise coming from the player while game loading is taking place.

Now, let's get back to 'Batman' 1986. The video below is of the best quality that I could find on YouTube showing a short gameplay.

As you can see, we're dealing here with some 8-bit retro graphics with very minimalistic and almost monochromatic approach. The reason behind that is very poor CPU and GPU computer capabilities of that time. But watching the video sure does bring back some good childhood memories.

The game's made by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond and these guys will go to history as the first who made a game about Batman. The game starts with Batman descending down the gutter and entering a house (probably batcave). Inside the house he deals with some pacman style enemies who just go around the place biting with their big jaws. The objective of the game is to collect seven parts of Batcraft and rescue Robin.

The game received excellent reception among the players and eared quite high marks in professional magazines of that time. The average score was about 9/10. It's hard to believe from this perspective but the game was amazing. What do you think?


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