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As usual, I've been googling about Batman this month of May, and this is what came up as the 'hottest' when it comes to our favorite superhero.

1. Is Batman going to kill Superman in Dawn of Justice?

According to the latest roomers that follow the upcoming movie "Batman vs Superman", a super-villain "Doomsday" is about to appear in the movie. And not only he will appear, but he might take a major role. What newspapers are speculating further is that he is going to kill Superman. In case he does not totally kill him, he just might make his heart stop beating for a while (like in a comic book). Well, who needs a movie with all these speculations. Let me remind that Doomsday is a DC Comics supervision , which was designed to be parried to Superman, in the comic book from 1992 - "Superman: The Man of Steel".

image of superman vs doomsday

If Batman would have such an ally, then a battle between the two greatest superheroes in " Dawn of justice" might not be particularly fair.

2. Warner Bros Tour for Batman & Superman fans

Batman fans will have the chance this summer to check out Batman costume, to enter the bat cave and sit behind the wheel of the latest batmobile in Warner Bros studios. The tour takes just a little over 2 hours and it will take you around 100 acre studio in Burbank California. Check out here for more details: The exhibition was made in honer of 75 years of Batman's existence and it represents one of a kind museum about Batman. It focuses the last 25 years because the history of Batman for Warner Bros begins in 1989 with Tim Burton. If you get the chance, don't miss this opportunity and try not to touch anything :)

3. Dont' miss this movie, the new "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is out

Avengers team is back together again. The whole world screaming for mercy. Iron Man, Thor and everyone else under the shield of Captain America. I guess the movie is worth watching as it got 75% on rotten tomatoes and 80 percent on IMDB. Let me rephrase one of the critics from RottenTomatoes "It's difficult to sit through Age Of Ultron without feeling like a child. It's fun, touching, exciting, funny, enthralling, moving and spectacular"

A toy I would like to have: TETSUYA NOMURA's Batman - this July on sale

Tetsuya Nomura is a Japanese video game designer known for Final Fantasy series. His PVC statue of Batman, measuring w317mm x D176mm x H306mm (approx 600 grams) will become available for sale this July for approx $250. It really looks cool, as you can see on the image below.

image of Tetsuya Nomura Batman statue

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