Beware the Batman - Cartoon Network has pulled the show from its lineup

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This past year saw a new kind of Batman take the cartoon world by its baited bat breath, only to have the taste ripped away like a cruel joke by the Joker. Yes, that's right, I am talking about the new Batman cartoon from the Cartoon Network. This new caped crusader show is called Beware the Batman. It would be understandable right now, if you firmly planted your face into your palm and said “Why in the world would they name their cartoon that?” However, don't let the name get to you, as this is as good a Batman cartoon as you are likely to see.

To begin with, this Batman takes on the early years of the caped crusader. The audience is able to see the early struggle of our favorite superhero trying to be two people at the same time; the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne and Batman. Throughout the first and possibly last season of this show, the audience gets to watch Batman evolve into the kick ass vigilante that he is. Batman is helped along tremendously by his butler Alfred, who just happens to be an ex-British spy. Another person to help Bats along is Alfred's goddaughter who just happens to be a master of the sword. She gives Batman some advice in swordplay. However, none of this is possible without the bad guys.

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There is no Joker here, nor is there a Riddler or a Catwoman. Instead, the audience is treated to a much darker and more sinister and lesser known arch enemy, Anarky. This never-do-well will lead a host of lesser known enemies against Batman and his butler. This new series will reach deep into the legend of Batman and the audience will be reintroduced to Professor Pyg and his henchman Mr. Toad. There is also an appearance by the League of Assassins led by Ras al Goul. The story is able to introduce a very lethal woman who could give Catwoman a run for her pearls and she is none other than, Magpie. Magpie is a very dangerous woman who is able to grow poison in her nails! Now, this is a superpower Batfans can get behind.

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The animation of this new series is very well done. The computer animations give an incredibly real look to the cartoon and it is one of the best looking cartoons that we have seen in a long time. The audio is over the top and the voice acting is very strong. The city of Gotham looks totally believable. And the edgy design of the main bad guy is what truly sets this show apart from the previous Batman cartoons, even if it doesn't have Mark Hammil as the Joker.

Beware The Batman DVD

It is such a shame that the show may be lost to the night. The Cartoon Network has pulled the show from its lineup in October with the promise that new shows would air in January. Well, here it is, January. And we have yet to see any new Beware the Batman shows this month. Also at the time of writing there was no word on when the show would return, making the CW the worst Arch Enemy imaginable. There’s some small hope however, for those in need of a Batfix. A DVD of the first season is set to be released in February. Until then, Bat signals around the world are fading as fast as our hopes for Beware the Batman. Come on Cartoon Network! Bring back the Bat!

There's even an online game inspired by the series that you can actually play right here Beware The Batman Gotham Streets.

Here's a scene from Episode 1:


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