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It has been awhile since we had a chance to talk about the new Batman game coming to the home consoles. So let’s do that now! This newest game is a refreshing return to roots after the somewhat mediocre reception of the previous Batman game, Batman Arkham Origins. If you have been following the Arkham games, then you would know that Arkham Knight is the fourth Batman game in the series.

Arkham Knight is not a one man show

And even if you have been living under a rock for the past half century, then you should still know who Batman is and what he does. But let's pretend that you have been living under said rock and you still don't have a clue who “The Bat” is, well have no fear. Here’s the lowdown. Batman is the baddest, smartest, super, superhero ever imagined by DC Comics and possibly the world. Batman is a billionaire playboy turned vigilante. And while you may think he’s a one man show, he’s actually not. He’s helped along by several others, but most notably by his butler, Alfred, in his quest to rid Gotham City of evil doers.

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Heating up the action with new weapons

One thing that draws the caped crusader a big fanbase is the gadgets that Batman has at his disposal. No matter how you look at them, they’re just plain cool. From the first game in the series, Batman has relied on his trusty Battarang. This weapon has been Batman’s “go to” weapon for years. And just like Batman, it has a clever design. It’s shaped just like a bat. Throughout the Arkham series, this weapon has been used for many purposes and Arkham Knight will be no different. However, Batman will be armed with much more than just a boomerang shaped bat. Batman will also have a new arsenal to conduct his investigations. The detective mode will be revamped. In this mode, the game world will appear as if the player is looking through a thermal sensor mixed with night-vision. Batman will also have some upgrades to his Batsuit which will allow for further gliding and enduring extreme temperatures. Sounds like the action could be heating up!

Scarecrow takes the center stage in this game

Another thing that makes Batman the best in the comic book world is the unforgettable villains. It is always a treat for fans to see these bad guys kill some time on the big screen. It's even more of a treat to see these villains brought to life in video games with well-acted roles. Rocksteady has been solid in delivering Batman games with well-rounded villains and this entry to the series will be more of the same quality work. The Scarecrow will take center stage for this game, at least at the beginning. Other villains will make appearances in the game with the evil Penguin being a more noteworthy mention.

Batman Arkham Knight: Scarecrow

Super mode of travel in new batmobile

One of the biggest additions to the Arkham series is the Batmobile. The Batmobile is one of Batman’s main means of transportation. The new Batmobile has an almost indestructible feel and Batman can call on the car to come to him while free roaming on the map of Gotham. This will make traveling through the game a lot easier than running or gliding, though player’s can still choose that super mode of travel. The game will also feature the largest open world yet for the series offering players a much bigger experience.

Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile

Preorders available for diehard fans

Batman Arkham Knight will release sometime later this year, unless of course it gets delayed. Then it will release later than later this year. Diehard fans can lock in their purchase regardless of the release date by preordering now on the official Arkham Knight webpage. but I think you can play only as a Harley Quinn.

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer - "Father to Son"


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