Batman News - December 2014 Recap

Let's recap what's been hot in Batman's world last month December 2014.

image of Adam West Batman on DVD

1. Warner Bros is to release the old Adam West's "Batman" series from the 60s on new DVD.

Expect to see some very old, and today unknown actors, such as Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, Cesar Romero as the Joker, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin and Julie Newmar as Catwoman. In case you wanna check what the most famous crime-fighting duo has been doing back in 60's watch the video below:

Adam West in Batman from 60s

The Classic Batman series DVD will be precious for those 'old' fans who were growing up as kids in the 60's. What younger generation probably didn't know is that this series was executed as sort of pop-art comedy with lots of theatrical humor in it.

Classic Batman series
Adam West in Classic Batman series

2. Dark Knight Returns for the 3rd time?

With so many TV and cartoon series and movies about Batman, it's hard not to get confused when you read the news like that. The Dark Knight wash Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy where the 2nd movie (2012) was entitled The Dark Knight Rises (not returns!). Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" was one of the best and the most influential cartoon series published in 1986. Miller is in talk with current Batman writer Scott Snyder and DC comics to co-write the third Dark Knight mini-series. The 2nd one was called "Dark Knight Strikes Again" and didn't go that well with the readers audience. To make things a little bit more complicated, there's also a two-parts animated film "The Dark Knight Returns" , which is clearly adaptation of the comic book. The first part was released in 2012, while the second one in 2013.

image of Dark Knight Returns animated film poster
Dark Knight Returns animated film poster

3. Dan Lin explained how he asked permission for Batman

Dan Lin explained few weeks earlier (in an animator roundtable) how he actually had to ask permissions not only from Warner Bros but also from Christopher Nolan to use new LEGO version of Batman. He also revealed that the upcoming LEGO Batman movie is now "deep in production"

image of LEGO movie: starring Lego Batman

4. Christian Bale jealous that Ben Affleck was cast as new Batman

Christian Bale admitted that he wa jealous on Ben. After almost a year, the actor recalls the moment when he heard that Ben Affleck has been offered to play the role of new Batman. "I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour," Bale said. He gave the interview for Empire magazine late November 2014.

5. Who wins the fight: Batman vs Darth Vader

Check out the latest short movie creation of "Bat in the Sun" production, where Batman meets Dark Lord - Vader. What do you think, who would have win the fight? Check out the video entitled as "Super Power Beat Down" and see if Batman stands a chance against the 'Force' and his kick-ass light saber.

6. Rocksteady Arkham Knight identity revealed too soon?

After being delayed, the forthcoming Batman game scheduled for the first quartal of 2015, received a lot of roomers lately. One of the Rocksteady's employees, allegedly leaked major spoilers about the game, revealing not only the main protagonist identity but also a large chunk of the game's plot. The Arkham Knight, as it turns out to be, is the clone of Bruce Wayne who's compromised DNA has been collected at the end of Arkham City.

image of Arkham Knight Batman - poster
Arkham Knight Batman - poster

7. Hinsdale house with Batman pool sold for 1.8 million dollars

After being sell on and off for two years, the house has been finally sold and the bat-pool comes along with it of course. As you might already know, the house was first spotted on satellite images which made it famous (and accordingly expensive).

image of Hinsdale bat-pool house
Hinsdale bat-pool house

8. Springfield Batman honored with key to the City is, for some time now, following work of a man from Springfield, who dresses as a Batman and paying visits to local children hospitals. Derek Smith has been finally given a well-deserved honor for his humanitarian work. if you want to read more about this guy, look up for his facebook page under 'Springfield Batman'.

image of Springfield Batman
Springfield Batman gets the City keys

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