Lego Movie: Is It Worth Your Time?

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As a child in the early eighties, I had Legos. At the time, I thought that they were new to everyone, but it turns out that this childhood favorite has been around since the 1930's. The first Legos were created out of wood. Then the toy’s big move to plastic happened in the 1950's and they never looked back. Now, when I was a kid, there was a lot you could do with a pile of Legos, even though I mostly made walls. Anyways, since the 1930's, the Lego brand has exploded into its own universe. Lego has branded video games with its name and most of these games are licensed games from popular movies. And like their “brick and mortar” predecessors, these games are exceptionally well-made. But was that enough? No. After making the successful jump from plastic to digital, Lego went all out creating its very own movie called…you guessed it…The Lego Movie.

The Lego Movie Batman flying
The Lego Movie Batman flying

The Lego Movie takes place in Legoland (not really, but it should've, so that's what I am going to call it for the remainder of this review). In Legoland lives a humble Lego construction worker who is more than happy to be…well, just a construction worker. However, fate intervenes and our likable hero is put to the test. An evil force is threatening the existence of Legoland and our little Lego hero has to save the day. This movie also features the DC Comic heroes that we have all come to love.

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The Lego Movie is full of A-list actors who pooled their talents together to give some of the best voice acting that animated movies have seen in a long time. Enough cannot be said for the voice acting in this film. Will Arnet takes on the role of the gravelly voiced caped crusader, Batman, and Anthony Daniels lent his voice to reprise his famous role of C-3PO, a sheepish robot droid from the Star Wars universe. So for those of you keeping score, The Lego movie not only has the Lego Universe, it also has the DC Comic universe, and Star Wars. It really is a no-brainer, you should go watch this movie…

The Lego Movie Batman with friends
The Lego Movie Batman width friends

…but since you haven't left yet, let’s get into some more detail about the Lego Movie. The Lego Movie was written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. These two men should be awarded with their own star on Hollywood Blvd., simply for the work that must have gone into the production of this animated movie. The CG is so good, that at times, it can appear as if the movie is using real models instead of a computer. In short, if you have made it this far into this review, it should be obvious to you how much I recommend this movie. It's truly a laugh out loud comedy and can be enjoyed by the whole family, not just the kids. So, parents, get out there and get this movie for your next family movie night and build those Lego memories!

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